the immortal sword OLINE ten years rubs a sword, lets us anticipate together the super writings "th

red colored light baptism 0/160 red colored lights baptisms 2007-10-18 23:42:42 immortal sword to belong to the immediate system game! Red colored light baptism 0/171 red colored lights baptisms 2007-10-17.. The red colored light baptism 0/209 red colored lights baptisms 2007-10-12 16:45:01 immortal sword OL source index placard (is newest) red colored light baptism 0/173 red colored lights baptisms 2007-... baptism misgivings ( puncture 1) 225 chapter of baptisms misgivings(1) 225th chapter of baptism misgivings (2) 226th chapter annoys "queen mother" the consequence (1) 226th chapter to annoy "the queen mother" the consequence ( desolater 2) 227th chapter to put down a rebellion it to struggle (1) 227th chapter to put down a rebellion it to struggle (2) 228th chapter of god the penalty (1)... 30 date evening, armed police some deputy political commissar, "the alone arm hero" Ding Xiaobi penchant ng on invitation to arrive the institute, makes the fact for the national champions to report, causes each team member to receive a time of spiritual the baptism . When Ding Xiaobing "therecruit" extends the military salute with the left hand to this group,the entire audience erupted the warm applause. Ding Xiaobing rigid and tenacious strove for success the spirit to move each national champion. Public lecture period... also to experience a baptism printing | Canada is IE a collection | collection subject | on subject | next subject xlrrlx rank: Newborn baby essence: 0.. Also experienced a baptism all not to have Mi Baoka to expire just trades on is robbed the mood to suffer thoroughly ! Beautiful woman! Quickly comes "me to come Xiu", issued own picture, are feeling this morning sunlight baptism with...

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