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vertical passion sea (3) _ net easy entertainment

she not to satisfy with husband's simple sextual affection, unceasingly seeks stimulates, makes love with each kind of man. Whenever the night, she likes the devil which releases, comes in and goes out in the bar.. But, behind this happiness, approximately elegant actually felt does not satisfy . This kind not satisfiedly causes her to need very strong stimulating, but this stimulates gradually changed to the aspect, thereupon her... multiple function doesnot expand, satisfies along with must apply the product line (WORD/EXCEL/HTML/PDF/WPS/GDF) to be rich, satisfies the user more services demand expansion and the realization provides two-dimensionally.. Two developments connections are rich, satisfy the user system expansion demand human nature operation to enjoy, all relaxed assurance seals, the signature dual function, satisfies each kind of application demand support... Main Navigation Skip to main content More Info ADI EC1 More Info CLASSIC SHORT BOOT More Info NO POINT LACE Footer Navigation Skip to main content ssss... to be easy well the stationery to satisfy you to manage the geographical unit of government to need. Orders fully hundred free delivers goods, the order hot line 0577-62810865 please register or registers the member! User: Password: Confirmation code: Manages the public paper manifold paper to receive the bank check hot sensitive facsimilepaper colored manifold paper to spurt ink printing paper photograph printing paper computer printing paper....

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blood-group and the disposition analysis - O blood (2) _ under gardenia's heaven

Hundred home pages | hundred spaces Under gardenia's heaven Main page abundant guest photo album | personal record file | good friend Examines the article Blood-group and disposition analysis - O blood (2) 2007-08-20 11:56 The disposition characteristic - marches forward courageously Mainstream statement Strives to excel, likes proposing something new and different. Craves to politics, unwilling defeat, shame to backward other people. Individuality although strong, but and rebukes with the person is together, instead is glad has wide acquaintance the friendly knot, the friend are very many. This blood-group person, both has the reality one side, and has romantic one side. 1st , for the person which loves is willing to pay all O human nature standard characteristic exceptionally bright prominent, likely flutters in the airborne striking three flag with stars is same, causes the person to be clear. Even if is these is faint to the makings question interest, to person's disposition judgement ability range person, also can extremely with ease see O person's these typical characteristics. The O person richly develops the spirit, dares to take risk; Has the ideal, has the great ambition, has the firm faith; Vies for supremacy fights, refuses stubbornly to concede; Sticks to one's own way of doing things, just the abdomen used for oneself; Has the tenacious will, the strong will. These all are the disposition characteristics which reflects from the O person. Besides these characteristics, the O person also is rich in the romantic color. If we earnestly inspect in the history perhaps some characters' words and deeds and the thought speech, can discover that, these have played the vital role extraordinary personality in the world historical development advancement, the hero, the thinker, the renowned military officer, the explorer and the big industrialist and so on, majority of all is the O person. Certain scholars called A artificial " thought " , B artificial " feeling " , in here, we might as well for the time being the O person is " the hero " , this kind of name not necessarily appropriate, but we are undeniable, truly congeals on the O person has hero's -like disposition characteristic, if this kind " heroic type " the disposition can obtain the development, obtains the opportunity, without doubt will have the positive influence to the society, to humanity's development certain impetus function, the people also all hoped for these will have " the heroic type " the disposition person, Truly makes a beneficial contribution to the human society. But, has the heroic type disposition the person, all can have the positive influence by no means to the society, if his disposition has not obtained the normal display which should have, namely his this kind of disposition particularity had not been discovered by the people, he is closed in a narrow and small group writing style mass organization, remain obscure is receiving other people's direction and compels, then will be able to have the very bad consequence, these O person will be able because will not be able to endure own circumstances but frequently and the periphery person, specially the leader will have the conflict, these conflicts results, not only will bring the incarcerate mood for oneself not to be quick, Periphery moreover also must incur person's critique. Can have this kind of too bad situation why on the O person? This is because, the person does not have the complete human, also has some weakness in on the O person's body, these weakness performance are: Stretches the rules with difficulty, a word already leaves, does not take back, even if knew perfectly well was also had mistakenly persisted did not change, this caused them to appear too tenaciously. This kind tenacious often becomes with the person has the argument cause. In addition, the O person self-respect excessively is strong. In the middle of the O person, has many is holding some kind of firm faith, belongs to the idealism. On some O person surface looked the silence is uncommunicative, maintains composure, but in the heart actually secretly is pursuing own ideal, but silent diligently is struggling for own faith. Some O person then opposite, they are capable in argument, once discussed any matter appears full of enthusiasm, resembled speaks with confidence from this kind had found the life complete pleasure. They in the discussion, the speech, always persist the oneself independent position, also cannot receive other people's influence, supplemented revises the oneself idea, cannot completely change own viewpoint to go to the dependency other people. The O person pursues the ideal in the thought, persists the faith, often likes in the motion getting emotional, is easy impulse. They sometimes even do not hesitate the hollow thoughts to seek " the principle " variously " the idea " and so on the reputation, does for the oneself sentiment impulse reason. When these excuses and the intense sentimental impulse relate together, in the short time, their innermost feelings can ignite the flaming sentimental roaring flame, nearly with difficulty self-restraint. These devoted for the sentiment that, specially these devoted to the love, rather sacrifices all females for the lover, mostly is this kind of O person. Their likes and dislikes are bright, so long as own thought is right, persists, therefore looked like in the others, they are as if belong are bad to engage in introspection own Gu Gu person, the fact also frequently display such scene, their speech once exports, then no longer takes back, is not willing to concede, is not willing to admit mistakes, in a these O person disposition remarkable characteristic. In fact their self- introspection psychology is extremely intense, they always unceasingly were pondering how trains oneself, how transforms oneself. They treat own regarding the others manner to be very sensitive, regardless of is the good intention or the evil intention, they all can keen distinguish. They extremely longed for oneself can win the others good intentions the attention, said regarding the O person, hard to endure receives too has not not brought to others' attention, if this kind of condition continues, they can feel unhappy, want to have a fit of temper. Because of this, they like making some not to new goods come into the market cut, the noticeable action, likes carefully dressing up oneself, causes oneself to appear out of the ordinary. Self- demonstration, this is a O person's intrinsic makings characteristic. O person individuality greatly strengthened, even if with belongs to a O each one different person, their disposition is not completely same, but is many and varied, each characteristic, this mainly is the O person own subconsciousness control motion decided. In addition, but also has other factors the influence, like we in behind are going to introduce outside A , B , O the blood-group matter, the O person is been most intense this kind of special blood-group special characteristic influence. In brief, these people's individualities therefore likely above said that strongly, certainly is not because their deficient rationality, very is on the contrary difficult in the O person to find the deficient rational prominent example. The O person can the knowledge which learns, originally accepts down. Had achieved in the rationality among some kind of very high degree O person, frequently with some thinkers, the religionist, the sage, teacher, on their body often had one kind with the self- introspection instinct which lives all has in, thus they always fall into the intense spirit to be worried. Besides O , the person which does not have any type again, can look like their such, lacked the feeling in between the identical type people which that kind could link up. But interesting is, this kind of common ditch dielectric lacking, instead caused them to produce one kind " the mutual connection to establish the association relations was extremely essential " the feeling. 2nd , forever maintains full of vitality Romantic, this is a O person's significant characteristic. The O person seeks friend's desire to be extremely intense, forms in the friends in the small gang, most is willing to be at leader's position, and draws support formatting from this status gives special looking after to own trusted subordinate and the relative. The O person can clearly distinguish who is a friend, who is an enemy. This is because, the O person lacks mutually the ditch dielectric, carries on with difficulty mutually understood, this urged them to have has depended on the feeling, but was not depends on understood distinguished clearly the enemy friend special ability. Extremely is rich in the romantic color O person, once distinguishes clearly the enemy friend, can display two kind of totally different manner. They treat to the friend by the honest respect, are utterly devoted, but actually displays the surprising extremely realistic manner to outside friend's other people, they when and these person of contacts, was only thinking own benefit, everywhere planned for oneself, the police vigilance is very strong, always is holding the suspicion manner to opposite party. Front we mentioned that kind can own all, all be allowed to give to including the complete property the lover the female, after once the confirmation love defeat, met in turn gratefully all must come back the past for opposite party thing. Regarding this kind of action, we only can explain are, because she is the O person, if is opposite, she from as soon as started to see opposite party plan speech, then she absolutely could not such do. The O person is this, according to oneself whether thought opposite party is own friend, transforms oneself treats opposite party manner. The O person also has to like teaching others' characteristic. This kind of situation displays comparatively much in t affectation he work, but and not only limits in the work, some people even in with in others' daily conversation, also frequently mixes with some to teach others' speech. This also may be distinguishes a O person's important symbol. The O person likes teaching the person, this although sometimes lets the person feel the repugnance, but they teach the person certainly not to stem from the evil intention or to harbor ulterior motives, only is the disposition is the result of, therefore earnestly listens to them to teach with the opinion, perhaps can have the advantage to oneself. Certainly, this requests our itself to have the enough self-control to withstand this kind to lecture. Says regarding the self-control insufficient person, this kind reproves is endures with difficulty. Has the such high self-control the person after all is minority, therefore O person's this does not have really the malicious problem periphery, always incurs person's repugnance. The O person temperament is irritable, loves the ignition, thought oneself cannot the manner handle matters, therefore always wants to change own manner. If has had a thorough understanding O person's these characteristics, other makings people can do well the relations with them, extremely harmoniously is together. Because of the O person, fundamenta provoke lly says is extremely good, good person. O in theirs makings manifestation, certainly is not sole invariable, can appear the type many variation type, has these variations, mainly will be and the day after tomorrow environmental effect, other archery target functions, and O artificial has overcome own weakness to have the reason to wage the struggle with own chronic disease the result. 3rd , regardless of is how outstanding O , also inevitably has some disappointment. The single cell is the O center one kind of quite bad phenotype, this type person, looked the question is one-sided, moreover blindly believed own position are correct. But also should acknowledge in any event that, the O person impels one of world development change strengths. Branch variation 1st , is open and bright and the silence; 2nd , reality, idealism, poet; 3rd , stubborn and is indecisive; 4th , unkind, is tenacious, the development; 5th , faith and loyalty and patriotism; 6th , the masculine makings ( this type is refers in particular to femininely some ) ; 7th , single cell and so on. The makings manifest 1st , complied with the life the desire, is unswerving for its life demand, rich vigor. 2nd , once has established the explicit goal for oneself, realizes own ambition by the extraordinary will, on the contrary, its goal if not really is clear about time, then deficient courage. 3rd , on the one hand has the romanticism, the idealism thinking method, on the other hand also has the extremely intense feasibility. 4th , the collectivism is stronger, takes the friendship contact, hopes to have mutual affinity, by honest treatment, rich human nature principle color. 5th , except the friend partner outside, the vigilance is stronger, pays attention very much distinguishes clearly the enemy friend, to other people's likes and dislikes vision nervousness. 6th , the political idea is stronger, envies is constrained the powerful official the control, likes . 7th , handles matters the method simply, is frank, straight sentiment diameter line. Line excessively when appears purely is naive. 8th , the good self-expression, is tenacious saw. 9th , but is easy as a result of own in society's situation and the status to change own external performance. 10th , the conversation words handle skillfully, comparatively has the logic; The good direct-viewing geography solution thing, is good at depending on the visual memory. 11th , has the creativity, the respect has the individuality thing. 12th , has the tendency which for the faith, the principle lives. 13th , every is an expert, strives for perfection to the technology. 14th , the matter one namely, has not been willing excessively much to pester, but when principle Qu Ciqiong also meets the sentimental impulse. 15th , the majority person deeply loves the nature and the biology. 16th , once the body is not good, appears the body and mind all to fade immediately. Blood-group and self-remolding: O The will strong, fills self-confidently, is rich in the reason, the mentality clearly, encounters a difficulty calmly, is energetic, has works the ability, and so on, all is the O blood person's merit. The personality tenacious, insufficiently amiable, treats people desolately, insufficiently modest, individual is supreme, does not arrest section, politeness not week and so on, these all are the O blood person's shortcomings. The people often said that, the luck, the will and toil, this makes the condition which any matter succeeds. Indeed, ideal whether quick realizations, " luck did" play the control role. But the good luck is depends on the will to call. But the will has in the spirit which to not the corrupt near advantage, quietly works hard. Even if is the defeat, is defeated again, also is not discouraged, is not lax, only is does. Turns own the defeat experience blood, own meat, causes own will to be stronger. The O blood people all are fills self-confidently, dares to do dares for work the faction, originally not that fears gets refused, they should carry forward this merit, accumulates various experience. Tumbled, again crawls, continues to go forward. Only can like this, also must like this. Moreover, from thought has person which the judgement, cannot make a mistake, should discrete, because did not know perhaps when had to get refused. Fills self-confidently to oneself, this certainly is a merit, may also be sometimes a very big shortcoming. This saying may calculate makes the O blood person should remember a maxim which. The O blood person is the romanticism, they dare to think not the impossible matter, rigid to dare to pursue own ideal, they are the rich development spirit person. But the O blood person often craves to own dream, to environment, status attendance not week which locates. Now is the organization, the cooperation degree very high society, to is uncoordinated with this association work, the harassment order, is Canada repels. But O blood person's moving force, also often causes he noticeably to emit to come, like this unavoidably stirs up the others to impede in secret, and causes own moving force to receive the suppression. The O blood person handles the matter to embark from the general situation, takes a long-range approach, this is extremely essential. But simultaneously cannot give up the small insect which is similar by the ground in for the viewpoint observation thing method. Because the thing is three-dimensional, also is complex. Therefore must inspect from each angle, cannot only be in low spirits . Sometimes, the observation, the waiting but does not begin, has not not necessarily harvested. In brief, the moving force fine to fully displays, one must at the right moment, two want and the environment is coordinated. When, can like the rising tide departs, only can let the passenger and the sailor lose one's life. The O blood person is the active member, is good at propagandizing own position very much, can say rationally. If discussed business, does the sales promotion, certainly is very appropriate. But they also have a shortcoming, is bad to listening to others' opinion. Must know that, a good conversation first should be a good being obedient. Must convince the others, not only must speak own truth, but also must speak opposite party truth, if an only vigor does talk incessantly own position to be how correct, only is wants to impose own idea to the person, that only can cause others' repugnance. Fine arrives others the approval, only has from listens to others the opinion start, and must hug was acknowledging opposite party idea makes sense the manner to have the conversation. Do not break opposite party thread of conversation, enables oneself to absorb the beneficial thing from opposite party conversation. In the conversation, may alternate gradually is mentioning own idea, each time discusses little, easily is accepted by opposite party. If you can respect and forgive opposite party, that opposite party also can respect and forgive you. In brief, so long as words elegant, the manner is humble, and can understand opposite party, then does not need to have ingeniously treats with courtesy, the attractive flattery, may in order to opposite party accepts own position. When you always get refused, must sit down, calmly makes an earnest self-criticism to oneself: Has a look has displayed whether fully the O blood person's merit, has a look whether lacks thorough, is modest and the sympathy, has a look whether has forgotten the offer spirit and the attention maintenance and other people's coordination but only is gives orders to the others. Must know, if cannot obtain everybody the support, that only could transfer the circle in own plan. Cannot listen to others' opinion, not to speak the offer spirit, to act arbitrarily, this was causes the merit which the O blood person had self-confidently, dares to want to dare to do to move towards the extreme, but turned the shortcoming. Like this can lose the successful opportunity. Must have the sincere sympathy, must make oneself to maintain the harmonious harmonious atmosphere with the colleague between. The O blood person's makings characteristic is the attack, the attack certainly is necessary, may sometimes might as well also be possible to adopt the defensive. Thus, very is easy to understand is attacked a side the mood, the idea. In fact, even if is " defends " , also little cannot lose the O blood person's superiority and the dignity. Recollected own are in when the lowest level the situation, could be calm. The O blood person does not lack the talent, so long as lives together in peace and harmony with the periphery people, certainly may obtain everybody the support, its superiority can be more prominent, its strong point can develop. We had said, the O blood person makings characteristic is the attack, if we enumerate O blood person's all sorts of shortcomings, can discover, regardless of which one kind, all is produces to too makes a great show of one's talents. Is not for the attack which defend, but is for the attack which attack, this kind of psychological impulse too has been intense, can turn the merit the shortcoming. The arrogant manner also is everybody loathes. When the O blood person takes the leadership, once does not pay attention overcomes own shortcoming, very is then easy to become the repugnant boss. The behavior coordinates, the interpersonal relationship maintenance harmony with everybody, certainly was not equal to compromises and flinches. Should say must say that, should avoid must avoid, about the onset and retreat all has the discretion. In achievement collective, must for the common goal, take along the hand with everybody. Before moreover, starts in the work or carries on, must carefully examine own at times opinion. The O blood person cool-headed, is rich in the reason, can control own sentiment, in front of us had said, the O blood person should pay attention to the adaption society, grasp the discretion, this kind of burden is also heavy. Continuously for a long time hence, will be able to cause the instinct demand insufficiency, the spirit to be exhausted, to be mentally and physically exhausted. Works considers forms a coherent whole, this is no doubt very good, but also must pay attention to " to botch it by rushing " , do not have eagerly to hope for success, does too oneself anxiously. Must learn the rest, listens to the music, fishes fishes, perhaps hikes, participates in some to relax the nerve the activity. Even if does not fish or the hike, also must pull out the time rest, achieves alternates work with rest. Article origin: Category: Tacitly approves the classification | to increase to searches for the Tibet | browsing ( ) Recent reader: commentary: © 2,007 Baidu but this kind of blood-group change only to be the phenotype the change, is not the gene variation. This kind of blood-group change is short and not thorough, afterthe condition is under the control the blood-group possibly once more to change the original blood-group. The pure change blood blood-group except the above reason, had not up to now seen has other ways to change person's blood-group. The researcher attempts changes a person blood-group... Egypt and his colleague discovered, the bacterium may give the gene to increase the DNA memberto create the gene phenotype the difference. But, also some evidence show DNA and biologist's goal irrelevant; DNA possibly only is provides the basic frame for the more important protein member. By now, Krick, in 1949, was participating in Cambridge University research team, and... gene JY06? Phenotype phenotype JY07? Incomplete the dominace dominance inherits JY08? Mitosis reduces classified group embryo partial ZP01? ? Tissue review organization general remarks ZP02? ? Histology epithel epithelial tissue ZP03? ? The integument button organizes ZP04? ? Adi and cart fat... obtains the result has drawn the conclusion on Bunsen teaching material: Even if the gene is same, the environment or can affect the phenotype . He is suddenly enlighted. Xun trigram can be timid can dread can beafraid, cannot without knowing where to begin, but this timid this is afraid this to dread actually is because does not have, because not fears hurts, feared above that kind of heart depresseds pain. Xun trigram and does not have also very much likes, how do they all have the snake to be same... the

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next Monday has two moon? Individual bored person evil intention

top horizontal jade piece of the Tianjin astronomy academic society director Zhao said that, this is the individual bored person evil intention compiles, the public surely do not need is deceived. As soon as refutes the position: In solar system's eight planets all are controlled sun's gravitation, its movement path basic is invariable, this sufficiently proved this information is forge and the fabrication. Even if after several 1 billion years the sun has had the significant accident... or to drive up the house price. The request property development enterprise, must in obtain the commodity apartment to sell in advance in permit date of 10th, male shows Fang Yuan and the price, adopts publicly.. To the property development enterprise issued not the solid price and the sales progress information, sells at a high profit the room number, the plate is loath to sell something, stores up way evil intention and so on Fang Yuan , drives up the house price, or incites... period of time, the auspicious star company still one after another has received the massive computer user related such as" on a website, the hard disk on has been formatted "," the IE browser title block by the evil intention changed into other websites names, tacitly approves the main page to become other inexplicable websites, and cannot restore "," on the machine did not know when is installed on a wooden horse procedure"," the registration... Cyveillance announcement report showed that, has surpasses 63% dissemination for browsing evil intention software is through the American stand dissemination which infects, but our country is entrusted with malicious software the stand to have 34%, is situated the front row. According to demonstrated by the security company Cyveillance announcement report that, on Internet themajority evil intention software dissemination put the blame on to includes malicious software American...

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Bellcompany test flight Bell 429 new hosts rotors system

said according to this project Manager Stromberg : "In the past year, we successfully completed a series of systems to appraise that, including the advancedversion engine, the air intake, , ... Stromberg said: "After passes through two hours static testi thereon ngs, the paddle blade success flew 30 minutes." Future two months, the new rotor system will continue in Canadian each place to carry on... Stromberg im Bro - Kusch-Dich zu Hause,Kaffee trinker, McDonalds/Burger-King Fan (und ich gehe nicht in die Breite; -))) Technoid, begeisterter Flieger, Motorsport Fan, seit neuestem Fan der Blue-Man-Group (... Stromberg im Bro - Kusch-Dich zu Hause, Kaffee trinker, McDonalds/Burger-King Fan (und ich gehe nicht in die Breite; -))) Technoid, begeisterter Flieger, Motorsport Fan, seit neuestem Fan der Blue-Ma supplicate n-Group (... said according to this project Manager Stromberg that, "In the past year, we successfully completed a series of systems to appraise that, includingthe advanced version engine, the air intake, , ... Stromberg said: "After passes through two hours static testings, the paddle blade success flew 30 minutes." Future two months, the new rotor system will continue in Canadian each place to carry on... Stromberg -Carlson and Hewlett-Packard, with white ink labels.These all had the numbers etched into the glass, and all are the same tube. [ color=red ] The USA made military white label types have been rated "Best of... the Stromberg 2007-08-22 video frequency unfolds other OQO model 02 to operate the box to demonstrate that, this video frequency came from Tracy & Matt. Although this opensbox video frequency not too many new contents, but I really very much support the spirit, if has everybody to have own belovedUMPC, is effective own way to unfold, my... the Stromberg 2007-08-22 video frequency unfolds other OQO model 02 to operate the box to demonstrate that, this video frequency came from Tracy & Matt. Although this opensbox video frequency not too many new contents, but I really very much support the spirit, if has everybody to have own belovedUMPC, is effective own way to unfold, my... Stromberg View All Rating: Not rated yet No Description Added May 11 by Bjorn Stromberg 0 Comments Hugo Ortega Unboxing Rating: Not rated yet No Description Added May 11 by Bjorn Stromberg 0 Comments...

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Shen Congwen's literature legend

because from that, saw by the oppression good soul, , struggles... ... How can it be that didn't we know at that time the Russian empire is invading China, however had understood from the literature an important matter, is in the world has two kind of people: Oppression and by oppression . But this also constituted "the country folk" Shen Congwen with "the disobedient son disloyal statesman" Lu Xun... the becausesome kind of oppression causes the facial nerve conduction to have the pathology to disturb is the resultof, the majority of patients are as a result of the normal blood vessel overlapping oppression , after like cerebellum under in front of artery, cerebellum under artery, nerve artery oppression , occasionally because the aneurism, moves the vein to be abnormal or facial nerve root's the and so on encephaloma oppression is the result of. B) another part of patients for especially the sending facial nerve paralysis, after restored... Dig | the popular special | life search | real estate frequency channel | activity review | new chart | wireless WAP | campus translates the net every day Forum Transaction Digital image Wide band mountain Product froth Photo album Competes guessed Novel Murder village Small game Flash The shopping returns the spot Community chat MYhome Returns to the home page Forum navigation | KDS the wide band mountain literature club soccer club handset club female F club auto club film and television exchange emotion multi-purpose seeks help goes to work Position: The KDS wide band mountain - wide band accesses the net, wide band surfing, share life joyful spot spot and drop drop : Old reptile saliven Mac sacrificial child Milky Way Publishes the article My card Essence storehouse Announced: The technology department eagerly awaited only strives for ! (2007-08-01)   Harley baud 7! So long as 150 Yuan! (2007-07-23) the   community group swims "super runs the" super account number to put the number activity (2007-07-11)   the DHC in-depth to unload the oil free test (2007-06-19) the   community to quote the function revision and the increase (2007-05-22) the   on-line small game "the murder village" opens "kills"! (2006-08-11)   Topic : Iphone Si Nock distorts Jin'gang the chinajoy college entrance examination Subject content Multi-purpose seeks help Looks for the boss Emotion Goes to work Does smiles Stock << [ 1 ] >> [ examines completely ] Clicks on the number: 47,608 chapter of plural numbers: 958 This pastes the function: [ Collection ] [ management ] Subject: Because wants to play all the time, tried not to be supposed to try, GF is played the partner to hook (had revolt to have oppression) Wants to play all the time evil consequence Bs5f07 7 67 Comes from: Security Registration: 2007-08-14 Sends the placard: 3 + 51 Function: [ Edition ] [ short note ] [ good friend ] [ photo album ] [ search ] [ reports to the authorities ] [ stage prop ] [ award point ] Management : [ Deletion ] [ IP ] Brothers continue! Goes against has a look to the manager! What does 20W click calculates? What more than 2,000 replies calculates? You can obliterate the TF enthusiasm? ! ? ? How long you won't have to be able to see 40W clicking on! 4,000 replies! Asks everybody to paste in this anticipates newest reorganization full page! Support brothers please leave behind own sound, I now most need your support! I thought respects the others the work is a basic manner criterion! After I was KDS bring the giant eyeball benefit like this to be casual as soon as delete settle, really let my indignant side [ This posting to 2007-08-21 17:02:20 has been already edited by author ] Attains award point 361 (to be equal to 18 PP) [ detailed recording ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fellow is very lazy, any has not stayed behind...... Publishes to: 2007-08-21 16:43:05 Recommendation: -------- fragrant praises --------- (ZT) [ chart ] by Sean [ 765 / 48 ] .. Building host... Wants to play all the time evil consequence Bs5f07 7 69 Comes from: Security Registration: 2007-08-14 Sends the placard: 3 + 52 Function: [ Edition ] [ short note ] [ good friend ] [ photo album ] [ search ] [ reports to the authorities ] [ stage prop ] [ award point ] Management : [ Deletion ] [ IP ] Preceding period of time TOM Skype had known the center bridge institute's flame pouring, the modelling is alright, long to calculate goes to about,1.65,1 million catties, should calculate the plentiful shape, ate two foods to sing the inferior song to comply again to make my GF in, promised me same day evening in to have to like the song slightly reserving a room I to wash has washed the hands directly goes to 168 The result four level roads did not have 168 prices rooms to open during 268 commerce at that time, the behind matter let me completely happy, absolutely was the specialized talented person, the B+ chest, did not calculate but feel especially to be very greatly good, could feel the elastic that kind (only afterwards my brothers said such good feel was not normal, possibly has injected), under also clamped your Man Jin, any could in any case, with 6 physiques SN in the similar service, found such best quality goods also really was the luck After in any case was a crisp my month, the body has all felt some empty Some we looked the piece plays before the preparation, because inside is 3P, the topic changed to above this, she said inside looked the woman good was crisp, certainly flew ascended the sky, I also was crack a joke said the sentence wanted me fiercely to look for male to come the mother to make flies, suddenly the bolt from the blue hit, she said this kind of matter so long as I wanted her am indifferent, the key was in the heart has wanted own this pass, I completely was crack a joke casually, she did have this aspect the experience? I asked on the probe, was not you has attempted? Crisply cuts down? Thought her real start showed off, very tranquil saying: You must enter certain circles to be able to know was any feeling, said some her afterwards before inside circle matter, but expressed has already not played, because too was chaotic At that time my thorough corona, after had thought present 85 really was too strong, I these 83 year old gangs melon really was fell behind She also said if I will want later to be allowed to attempt together...... At that time I thought she a little dirty, but the free SN service put in front of you how possibly gives up Date, on belt TT on when is exempts list SN.. Is very crisp after all Drinks water, the toothpaste, does not divide 3 sections to say, how under everybody also analysis the behind matter should manage Crossed week of me also not to have to mention again that let me feel blew very much three matters, Saturday and was same in the past, ate the food in hundred associations to go four has been even 168, arrives in the room she to ask I do want to stimulate today, I was not right at that time on the feeling, was the medicine? Or any stage prop, perhaps.. Person? Is in any case plays the fool, to look how she did express, meets she very mystical aisle to make a phone call Comes back thick nine tells me to be pleasantly surprised immediately, but what no matter has certainly to have to give her the face, had known cuts down? I as soon as listen, in the heart flustered! Difficultly really wants to him to ask a man to enjoy? The behind matter I also can expect! This calculated what is pleasantly surprised? Rolls you, when I am any person! I on the scene expressed I must walk, I do not want to make the too abnormal matter At that time really very much was really angry! She wants me to stay behind, one could know, guaranteed I was sure to like Likes your head, is disgusting oh But the curiosity let aristocratic me remain down, how did I want her first to say a matter, otherwise I now walk, she said had a friend evening the direction not to have to come to rest together I do not want to say any, had already planned he comes me to walk, later will not contact with her, the too crazy woman, the free again technology was again good I not to want Front has TF to say my YY, said the truth I also thou springe ght full YY, changes into others' placard I also to be able such to think But after the person really was wants to meet any person has experienced any matter only then has been able to understand sighed why could have this kind of phenomenon and this kind of person's existence, was just like me forever to be unable to understand why ** did have this kind of courage to go to the crime, but the ** document actually was the objective existence Why? Because the criminal already lost the reason Why but my can GF enter this circle? Because her already lost the dignity in front of the nature, she has already been invincible... But I also almost and he was same Perhaps in own shallow consciousness already and they collaborated... Perhaps now draws the conclusion too early, perhaps this experience can the trace which slowly will appear he in the later person way out to stay behind Also crossed ten minutes people not to come, I have smoked the root cigarette, in the heart also am disturbed restless, how 11,000 was a wrap? But careful thinks also does not have this kind of possibility, I do not have any money, GF also know, had known also had a period of time, she not likely was the person which had the plans very much, perhaps only plays mistakenly the circle, attempted should not attempt in anticipation, actually I or had the sentiment to her, thought she before the chaotic experience, a curtain scene on the very clear appearance in front of me, in the heart very has been as if uncomfortable Will excite the emotions in the course of time looked like absolutely will make sense How but can I manage, perhaps she happy in among, my this outsider perhaps really does not understand, the sigh looked like is unnecessary, waited for during also asked she before in the circle matter, she has retention to say, I am listening to in the heart really very am not the taste But the expression or pretends the very relaxed very excited appearance, wants to understand her these pasts satisfied my curiosity She to is continuously very happy, in the look flows in one kind of very mystical anticipation, felt strange, resembles the sweetheart to have to give in front of opposite party friend gift to display is excited and the impulse After summoned the telephone to hit about the probably 20 minutes to pass, she had said wanted me to take a bath, I did not feel dare, to fear has situation occurrence which any I did not know, I let her first wash, she possibly also feared I ran away Finally decided washes together, I think washes the hungry time goalkeeper to close the others also not to be able to run, does not have any question, was taking clothes which had to trade and we for opens package of hygienic things which the room specially bought to go in... Washed, washed in the process she helped me Beta J under, how long but didn't have has stopped, smiled happy says a while DD to be able very laborious, now or first rests, at that time by Beta J later I also will really be in the essence , thought perhaps I tonight really can regardless of all consequences, the worst plan also be I complete my I to walk, the behind matter was casual they to go, has thought of a picture << the final supper >>! Washed about 10 minutes to come out, I have not looked like the same light body to run in the past, but was puts on clothes and the pants, I or thought I will because of be indignant but leave immediately that room Or is wants to look an outcome I already walked, I really am unable to imagine, the others and I simultaneously share identical bodily the scene, perhaps is precisely because I am unable in to imagine therefore shallowly realizes or hoped very much understood attempts? Possible! At that time otherwise I really could not find the reason to stay behind Again inserts Had to sleep brothers or not to wait Will write tomorrow equally to look About I wrote a half discovery story to be allowed to divide two sections to say that, on the demi-section quickly had finished, but under the demi-section was completely difficult to express, the very many psychological activity had to describe, otherwise everybody could think I also very was promiscuous and in this kind of circle person am one kind of type, actually in my heart understood, was the curiosity urges, the innermost feelings world or repelled this kind of behavior, wanted me to approve is absolutely not impossible What situation after comes out I to ask the GF? The person cannot come? How long wants? Actually I continuously very want to scold her inexpensive goods, but will scold does not export, scolded later anything OVER, my curiosity also busy fully, moreover looks she the appearance which stirred up trouble in the one side I am only can the very awkward forced smile, sur- somewhat inexplicable was excited and the anticipation But I has not displayed stemming from the face, always thought this kind of matter too has been inexpensive Should not be occurs on my body But does not want to miss, the contradictory intensification, this kind of mood was very difficult to express with the writing, on the person which and first time took drugs is possibly same! The handset sound, the person has gotten down in the building GF has had to run meets her, I a little worried that, the request and she exits together, feared they let me but they go in for any plot in inside in outside In brief or the disturbed restless feeling, GF as soon as starts not to comply to exit together, but or exited together under my intense request, the premise is certainly needs to give the foot her the face, surely do not have to let her be embarrassed has opened The anticipation appeared by the long time person, the flash I have been stuffy Then one startled, again is one is happy Is female! Is and my GF dresses up similarly slightly burns down! (Here said, front is not I sells climax, has not been men and women discloses, but is I really thought is male, GF shows meaning which answers also is male, she always said she wants to enjoy duplicate service) OMGD, I was suddenly happy extremely, wanted to bear does not smile, but or the excited crack mouth has smiled, what mood? Originally thought is an apple takes two people minute, had not thought finally was a person had two Ping country! Also had thought Palestine and thinks the row! GF smiles was saying is pleasantly surprised? Looked you smile! Sexual harasser you, but also installs any to install, smiled, your ! (She called me then to return to the room continuously like this) mutually to introduce under, opposite party was the identical school, the semblance compared to my GF important duty, the mouth was as if unattractive, but the body had a look the waist is Man Xi, blue put on a set of ice to receive the waist the joint clothes group, the strip is completely clear Melts moving also completely, is in any case can arouse the man sexual desire the appearance! At that time I have blushed, also is very anxious, GF lets her first take a bath, she looks I have smiled, brought the package to go in GF looks I in there sinister smile, I hold one's breath similarly am treating her sinister smile, I knew she was not loves me, I only is the artillery friend, although I was very happy and excited, but how many to own charm some disappointed.. Original others not you when returns to the matter, I have not obtained her sentiment Ya, or forced smile GF said my gate first escapes the clothes to sleep, good, the behind matter although has not experienced but several year AV is not Bai Kan, also understands.. GF as if very always loves, she saw my anxiety, initiative has closed all lamps, but wants in the room another in to take a bath the lamp temporarily not to close in the room temporarily or to have some weak lights, I warmly wrap GF to kiss her, at that time has discovered a small question Too excited! My DD is not is obedient very much, unexpectedly had not reflected, before has not escaped time I can B get up, fortunately, has stabilized under the mood Finally restored normally, GF had not discovered, this time bathroom has opened, met the lamp also to close, in room suddenly a blackness! Because my gate is 168 rooms, everybody also knew,,168 prices special price room are do not have the window! Therefore one but will close all lamps later inside absolutely is jet black not light... Piece of jet black center I am holding GF, in the heart also am extreme excited, another she walked the head of a bed to lift the quilt to rest, I was holding GF, therefore back to back she, her hand closely was depending on in mine behind, GF teased very much has been called the sound her childhood name: Sha sha ~~~ Had India immediately, the sha sha grasped me from behind, another hand crossed my body and my GF pulls in the one........ (this section has pasted two both to delete, everybody PM exchange) That very evening we go to sleep 4 o'clock, altogether have already experienced four, possibly was is in to this sentimental final respect, a final quarter all is belongs to GF Wakes time noon, three people have already lain down on the bed smoke, after flowed swiftly own all desires the sense of honor two starts of word reappear in my brain In turn has a look them, resembles anything not to occur is same, smokes, discusses the evening to go to any place HAPPY, conversed I also further understanding sha sha through them and the GF relations, some eight hung with their school in How but will I actually later and their relations be able to develop in the ponder? Is not said I examined the small advantage also to show off cleverness, look GF appearance, thought she treated the sex life and the sentimental manner actually is helpless (afterwards only then knew very much she before some matters, possibly were accomplish her today this kind of condition reason). 168 members all have two hours the detentions, therefore arrived afternoon 2:00 time we have only then drawn back the room After that is going to an city to play the TOM bear, after ate the dinner they to decide side HIGH, I was called another friend to collect fill two pairs to pass (this expenses Man Da TOM bear to burn money to come real block, in addition ate meal Fang Dache expense, beforehand X2 now anything X3,24 hour not to 1.3K not). Newly opened I first time go, the human spirit is alright, the environment also to cross going to, four people also play in a small card , two young girls sub- all play are good, I lose win few, my another friend also was the worldly-wise person, reluctantly slightly was in the upper hand, but 12 times he is summoned by own GF, our three played has been able respectively to go home, physical strength question, really if ag auditory ain let me go to ROOM the speech I also is has more desire than energy Second days have on-line exchanged each other idea with GF, her meaning is the sentiment and the nature is may separate, the game, the pursue is happy may stimulate importantly.. The person is small is not sensible, has gone along with them, I also was the natural luck .. But behind several weeks occur the matter please let me change to her view Attains award point 25 (to be equal to 1 PP) [ detailed recording ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fellow is very lazy, any has not stayed behind...... Publishes to: 2007-08-21 17:06:41 Recommendation: Travels together (2) [ chart ] with the valuable master by the maple tree Dan White Dew [ 2,557 / 43 ] .. 1st building... Wants to play all the time evil consequence Bs5f07 7 70 Comes from: Security Registration: 2007-08-14 Sends the placard: 3 + 53 Function: [ Edition ] [ short note ] [ good friend ] [ photo album ] [ search ] [ reports to the authorities ] [ stage prop ] [ award point ] Management : [ Deletion ] [ IP ] Most stimulates the weekend had ended, with was same in the past, I invested the work which bustled about, but at the same time my general meeting thought that day occurred all, think could the anticipation next weekend arrival, go to work also was does not have the thoughts MSN on sha sha also to add me, our three people has frequently opened the group same place to chat, they said worked as me is female, our three were the good sisters For the happy weekend, I laid down man's face to cater to their this kind of name and this kind approach the metamorphosis the status localization Because they already had a vacation, has GF also to go back in her family to access the net together, but also can tease me together in the net.. Actually I had suspected their relations, two this kind of dispositions girls always together are playing, can be..? But thought that day evening the process they and no contact, possibly were I too are sensitive... Wednesday time sha sha asked I have wanted that same place goes friend's handset, I understand, others , is settled on very normally by the woman GF also said the sha sha is that day good to his impression But I but actually not too want the friend to introduce gives her, me thought this possibly can destroy my happy weekend life, but the sha sha persisted repeatedly I also had to go along with them... Very quick also was the weekend, the carelessly conclusion work hurried to five jiao fields... Before goes I on was thinking the sha gauze can come together? But meets to see is afterwards my GF1 individual, how many some disappointed, although does not approve this kind of sex life, but or extremely yearns for, certainly I had not revealed this idea, pulled her to go to Paris spring to take a stroll the store, this day she put on very the sex appeal, the black young short skirt, added the tight-fitting small vest, manifested hers stature is extremely good, cancels her small waist to walk in the crowd also really thought had the face, was middle her to settle on ONLY the new style skirt 388, certainly I also ran away have only bled, after she bought directly put on, Is happy her jumps jumps. . . Afterwards we thought good must eat slightly raises lives fries, but arrived there discovery troop row too steadily, went newly has been prosperous. About 9 o'clock arrived 168 rooms, the topic inevitably returned to above the sha sha. GF first opened the mouth. . . Must ask she does have spatial? I said casual, you are willing you to make the phone call with her together speech, you happy are good. GF dialed has made the telephone, asked she in any place, cut down, she said the evening or to have other arrangement, next time. Made the telephone call I how many to be somewhat disappointed. Had anticipated a week, result all returned to the past greedily, HOHO, same day evening I did utmost have satisfied GF, but once will taste the forbidden fruit later to have to forget very was really difficult, after conclusion I incomparable fondly remembered the last week experience. . . GF had possibly guessed correctly my idea, cracks a joke was saying the next time certainly will need to be called the sha the sha, I smiled am complying. Afternoon we looked distorted Jin'gang, arranged well has been long to has only then bought the ticket, looked at half me suddenly to receive the sha sha's telephone, asked I evening what direction, went does not sing? I first am strange, how can she have my telephone? Why doesn't look for my GF to have to hit for me? Afterwards only then knows her now unexpectedly and my friend in the same place Evening our four on approximately in have raised the song, while convenient together has eaten the hot pot under the building. Will meet later to discover their some petty actions already very intimate, these two fellows also will really be hot quick, evidently yesterday already has rested, the boy act really is also rapid. But I estimated he has a dream also cannot think of this sha sha schoolmate's hobby, moreover already by me. . . . . . HOHO. Eats meal the time two concubines chirp chirp trashes are very lively. Also can very mystically flood the ear in front of us to say an intimate conversation, then crazily smiles in there, in my heart estimated they in exchange me and between my friend's some fit and unfit quality, goes to the washroom while them time I and my friend has also exchanged under, the original yesterday sha sha went to his family, an evening very was all crazy, on friend's extremely satisfied to her bed performance. Under I in want do not collude with with him, but GF and the sha sha especially looks after me to have to say in no way, for later happiness selfish, when any does not know. But my friend but actually over and over will look after me later surely not to want to mention in his GF. After finished eating on is direct listens to them to hold , the packet, four people have not taken in to wrap, the space worry-free is also good. Two people sing are all good, I and the friend occasionally also can slightly reveal. Atmosphere continuously very good, had not thought 10 times friends answered the GF telephone to say had to walk, the sha sha was very unhappy, takes a package of sound not to think to run toward outside, GF ran immediately holds on her, my friend has not had the means, but was very awkward, girlfriend here did not go not not good, finally or left behind a our three person to walk. We have not certainly also had the mood. Bought only walked, everybody started to the building under behind to think the direction, in my heart most expected certainly is has enjoyed happiness once more, but embarrassedly said, anxious. The sha sha or a little could not think through, has sent several news for me the friend, looked like she also expected the miracle the appearance, counted on my friend could come back looks for her, but in my heart understood, his GF was far more outstanding than her, she did not have the opportunity. Has refused to compromise a meeting, also could not think any direction, finally unexpectedly decided the internet bar accesses the net, date. . . In my heart is 100 does not want, but does not have the means, or with has been going, has later played the card Ding vehicle to them, I really bored soaked have met KDS. Has all thought to 1 point of everybody tiredly, also really did not have any direction, together hired a vehicle went home, disappointed, thought the later opportunity many will be, today also has been tired, yesterday also has sent the strength, went home the rest. On a road has first laid down GF, after left four level roads to lay down the sha sha, circled a small group to get the home, just wanted to take a bath, let my unexpected matter occur, the sha sha has sent in the short note, asked I have rested? Her mood is not good, wants approximately I to exit chats about my friend's matter, I said made the telephone to be good, but she persisted had to see the face-to-face talk, was not in any case far I to pass, went time I again wanted to be able to be my GF am testing me? Is playing what acrobatics? Some time these young girls very weak, likes testing and playing tricks on BF with the side good friend, before I also have listened to this kind of matter, therefore I certainly also am confident, HEHE, does not do well also can use this opportunity to set up the block good memorial arch. . . What a pity afterwards only then understood I definitely wanted mistakenly, I to meet am not the common girl, the special circle came out the person, their idea you forever could not understand I said several again Why some does TF have doubts very much has this kind of matter to occur, but also some people sigh this society, also some people do not understand their behavior Actually we this group of 80 first 70 after person already and they completely were not a world I felt in their this group of girls' thought, the nature is brings joyfully to the person, why such being the case not well goes fully enjoys? The nature already completely turned the game in their eye which one kind seeks stimulates, so long as pays great attention to the basic game rule, how is casual plays all may (for instance delete in section to bring TT this matter, they persisted wants me to pass in and out time trades), they regard as oneself a valuable horse, can request the man which she settles on to drive, but they did not know the others only were regard as her the hiring which does not ask for money, is explains like this as for the population question with the GF speech, two people walk are to the war, four people are four countries The tennis and the ping pong may play singles also may the doubles, also all is the Olympic Games project, why can't four people together **? They are called 3P above "hold a meeting" perhaps "make the Yang water's edge bridge". Holds a meeting is refers female male few, the mouth uses quite to be many, everybody may inside the very convenient understanding lexical meaning. The Yang water's edge bridge quite has been possibly difficult, refers male female are few, as soon as starts me not to understand, after the process explained also thought really is an image, male after enters, female is front is standing the man nips, this shape from the side looked is completely same on and the slanting wiredrawing Yang water's edge bridge, can not but admire their imagination, ya Can enter a circle why as for them? Possibly was was contacted the periphery some person's influence this association in, gradually they listened to be worthy of looking at oversensitive also approve this kind of behavior. I did not know this kind of experience later will be able to have any influence and the psychological shadow to their life, but at present comes to see they will be enjoy very much, hoped they will be able forever to be happy, also only could like this Good, the topic continues to return that day evening A start expense raises one's head the spot, to the place which the sha sha plot entrance (her family lived to is good. Approaches the Dalian road Liaoyuan west road, has been most goes against one of in Yang Puqu? Looked like in the family the condition should be good), after made the telephone on to wait for her in the entrance, after two minutes she has come, but also brought package of milks to give me, in the first midnight took the taxi to go to under others building not to drink the milk. Then is walking on and her in the plot afforestation, she asked are very many my friend the matter, but also inquired his girlfriend's situation, I selective said some listen to her. . . At that time day very hot in, but also afforests also has the mosquito, I really want to go home crawl the air conditioning to sleep, therefore thought strangely, I how really do call by this concubine, but will chat later to think like this she or to have the woman taste, also very will be actually better than my GF gentle stature, except this not too attractive mouth, five military iffucers will be very delicate, chatted the probably 20 minutes, she also asked many friends' matter, has not suddenly had the topic, she looks on the handset the time, very mystical asked an my question She: You thought how I do help Mr. Mr. to compare? I: You are all good, was the thought too in advance. . . She: Therefore your friend will obtain me later to pay no attention to me? On looked for original GF? I: Isn't, he did not know your hobby, I have not said! He actually also does not have the means, others knew more than a year, always had a process She: Is! Your man is this, obtained has not treasured, discussed the love was for go to bed, I have already seen through, but has not related, we were mutually use. You do not care about me naturally to have care about me the person I: What place cares about you the person in? Your boyfriend? She: You are care about me the person, you have not been such late are called by me? I: . . . . . . I: Good applauds cuts down, I when your friend only then comes and comforts you. (Will reach an agreement this speech later a little to regret) She: Friend? Our three are not the sisters? Calculated is not sisters, last week just occurred goes through a strategic pass the department, now only was the friend? I: Your any meaning. . . . . . (I thought she possibly really is in unites with GF plays with me) She: I have been now stimulated by your friend, all blames you, you to have to be in debt I basically understood her meaning, the innermost feelings were extremely excited at that time, thought her this saying meaning very has already been obvious, wants me to accompany her, how but do I dare? Had been known by GF what consequence can be?) I: How then you do want me to be responsible? She: You really do not understand? I did for the girl already like this said, how you did want, to play the fool were cut down? I: The innermost feelings have struggled for 20 seconds. . . . . . . . . Good, so long as you dare to pledge, later us will occur any matter you will not be able to let second personally know. Any time I all can look like the today first time to accompany you to comfort you like this. . . At that time my idea was if your two are intentionally tests my entertainment I greatly later again not to relate, met the such interesting matter not to look an outcome really was is a pity Attains award point 20 (to be equal to 1 PP) [ detailed recording ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fellow is very lazy, any has not stayed behind...... Publishes to: 2007-08-21 17:27:53 Recommendation: World mm work piece [ chart ] by sesame oil fan [ 562 / 34 ] .. 2nd building... Wants to play all the time evil consequence Bs5f07 8 80 Comes from: Security Registration: 2007-08-14 Sends the placard: 3 + 54 Function: [ Edition ] [ short note ] [ good friend ] [ photo album ] [ search ] [ reports to the authorities ] [ stage prop ] [ award point ] Management : [ Deletion ] [ IP ] Since everybody came straight to the point I not to also have any flattery I asked must go to Zhou Jiazui the road 168 to open under the room rest? She said his family nobody, may come up rests together. Originally his daddy is the crew, frequently several days do not go home, old lady happen to some times also return to Chuansha to accompany the wretched person of grandmother to stay 12 day, therefore in some time families on her in home, but also knew originally begins school time she lives the maternal family, center foreign national institute on in Chuansha To 11 buildings, has opened the gate to go in, the room repair is good, thought hits the far group really is rich. My father does in the laborious 20 years also buys is not getting up the house. . . If I had such wrap the house well, the marriage was hopeful Entered her room to have lets me shock, all was HELLOKITTY! Packed hole flesh color, bed sheet, bed sheet, window blind, computer wrap, and so on and so on. She first has taken a bath afterwards, I want to turn in the computer to access the net, finally has the password, I cannot go in, run to the bathroom entrance asked her she did not say, inside estimated (what means solution will have many secrets later to bump into this kind livelily to have to cut down?) . Not many she washed, came out time I perforated preceding bright, she has put on set of KITTY night clothes, lovable extremely, how before had not discovered she was allowed such lovable, whined, has the flavor, she asked why I did smile such happy, I ridiculed she too was weak, could be my daughter, ha ha. She said that later said my my daughter, I is his good daddy, under me was being unexpectedly inflated by a her saying, ya, I more and more abnormal, has not thought is in her high tide time also really continuously was called me ~ the daddy ~ daddy, felt really strange and stimulated Very quick I also washed, brought the anticipation to open the room door, inside already turned on the air conditioning and to close the lamp. . . She already covered the quilt to go to sleep How should next step of I do? Actually after today crosses our three people's relations to be able how to develop? The nature and the sentiment really may separate the treatment? Why may they play are such natural and indulge? What I and are they now also relate? The flash I had thought plays partner this glossary He does not represent brothers on behalf of the friend, does not contain the friendship and the love even more irrelevant, we may understand into two do not have the benefit conflict not to have the contradiction not to have the sentimental person for to seek the pleasure to walk in the same place, also may choose the withdrawal as necessary, does not have any restraint, resembles the sign friend, the hemp friend, the vehicle friend, , the fellow chess player, the book friend, and so on, everybody in is together for play, does not have other factor. . . PS: Very many friends said my luck, the luck is very good, envies me Everybody looked had known, actually will pester Yu Zheizhong in the strange relations the later person's mental effort and the physical strength can think extremely , instantaneous namely will pass after the high tide is left over possibly only has void is at a loss and loses self- After crosses actually is one vicious circle life style But lets you regarding the natural love be unable to extricate oneself Very quick I also washed, brought the anticipation to open the room door, inside already turned on the air conditioning and to close the lamp. . . She already covered the quilt to go to sleep Gently passed through has lifted the KITTY small quilt special, this or I first time rested in the MM boudoir, in the room pink color environment also let the person be very warm, although before had occurs goes through a strategic pass the department, but was after all this kind of situation or first How many somewhat cautious, fortunately, slowly she changes the body me, looks at me with the silly look, puts out a hand to trace my nose, grinning said likes my bridge of the nose being good very much very, has the outline very much, met has been kissing my tip of the nose, really was a very lovable movement The tense atmosphere also has the retrogression, I grasped her, sends out the light fragrance from her body to let the person be infatuated with (should be CK ONE, front sees on hers table), the gradually gradually our lip lip relative start hot lips, have met the tight hug to interweave in the one.. The gradually gradually our lip lip relative start hot lips, have met the tight hug to interweave in, I started to be thrown into confusion have untied her KITTY young night clothes and the inside underwear, discovered the cover covered with the small triangle also is flesh color, the appearance recorded not clear, very much didn't the sex appeal, how long two people have then to start in any case nakedly tight to support, on her body should has spread the Run skin dew, the delicate flesh revealed extremely smoothly, the touch was extremely comfortable She also requests me to use the tooth to nip her shoulder and the collar bone, possible girl here extremely sensitive, after has carried on the sufficient front play extremely has already been moist, I smoothly entered her body (not to have TT at that time, had to promise her second days to buy medicine) To high tide time she the unexpectedly real start shouts is being called me daddy ~ daddy ~~ not to have to stop ~ not to have to stop, in a final quarter, perhaps is because of the nature, I unexpectedly am from heart feeling deep love Italy.. All restored afterwards has been tranquil, but this kind love Italy which produced by the nature also abated along with it...... After before finished my first matter is sleeps, but today completely does not have sleepiness, I extremely longed for understood her past, entered her world, afterwards I thought means, were allowed general to know she and how many men occurred go through a strategic pass are I smoke, lightly is supporting her, asked wants to tell fortunes? She: Good I: Chooses the numeral from 1-9 mile which most likes then to put in the heart do not have to tell me, has elected? She: Good I: While 9, rides this numeral good this digital to add on again for the number , if 35 speeches have ridden on 3+5=8, this new number 3, to calculate again? She: Graciousness graciousness I: Good, how many newly obtains this the numeral to add on with you occurs goes through a strategic pass department's man's quantity to add together is equal to? She: 38 (hesitated under, crossed about for 20 seconds only then to reply) Original 19 year-old she already and 11 men occurred go through a strategic pass were... (the front computation process actually are a number study formula, no matter in her heart elected is several, finally big answer was 27, I gives me GF also to calculate, answer was 41-27=14.....) returns pouch Huai Continues to chat, originally also is my GF brings her first participation to make the Yang water's edge bridge, at that time she also extremely hesitated, but the duplicate service pleasant sensation let her be unable inside the resistance enticement, gradually on liked this way natural experience like this Through hands over the further conversation to discover this child really is naive, slightly did not understand treasures oneself If let her parents know the estimate had to be mad the bed did not get up GF and she compares obviously always loves many, after offered up the body at least also understood asked the man demanded the sentiment and the matter, but she really could be the free aid, ya, silly girl What a pity I or have not been able to change her, stemming from is selfish, even made after several days has let the oneself unusual compunction the matter The time by three, obviously had had tired Italy, in addition yesterday evening and GF in MOTEL tired, the body and mind already has extremely been utterly exhausted This is late we only to experience a time, hugged peacefully in the same place rests (possibly is her skin special water Run's smooth relations afterwards, I enjoyed very much am holding this moment which she rested, changed into GF the speech we all is various tubes each). Second days woke already 11 o'clock The sha sha wanted to look for her before the schoolmate afternoon together went to in the plot KTV to sing, said there no matter any time all was sings 2 to deliver 3, hardware facility to be extremely good, afternoon has not arranged, has passed This KTV also really luxurious, possibly is the new repair relations, the hardware facility absolutely surpasses happy enlightens, the price is cheap, indeed ultra value After she held 1 hour her two schoolmates both to arrive, these two schoolmates as soon as looked was little darling's appearance, again looked the appearance obvious and she was the completely different two kind of styles, was middle me to go to the inferior washroom, after came back her happy quietly to tell me nearby my ear the schoolmate to say I long worked very much, have in point image MYSHOW Mahai to live, but I did not know him, afterwards GOOGLE, had discovered the face shape and the hairstyle really a little were also similar 3 are time GF hits my telephone important contract I to accompany her to make the hair and the regular face maintains and nurses, I had the relative take the family in not to be able to leave as by push But or promised her evening together to eat meal, had not thought the telephone just hung GF to make the phone call to the sha sha, also approximately she evening same place, but also let her be called me the friend The sha sha made the telephone call to pull out me asked how I did think, I said went, worked as with before was same, this was the secret which between us forever guaranteed.. She silently looks at me As if some concerns, but or complied my request I start inside to feel the pressure, afterwards and my friend has made the telephone, he also happen to has spatial, approximately the evening together has eaten meal 5, after have listened to three SHE to bring the disturbed restless mood and the sha sha separates five jiao fields to meet with them Lucky, that very evening atmosphere very harmonious, the friend continues the sweetheart to be likely same and the sha sha hits the sentiment to scold curls upwards, I and GF or displays the incomparable intimacy, likely yesterday matter has not occurred, only is occasionally I and her look after warm looks at each other then fast putting aside, although is the short several seconds, I obviously may feel in her look the jealousy, but I also similarly look he and the friend kiss in my my appearance heart not to be very uncomfortable, the sentiment a little lost the self- control as if... That very evening will deliver GF later me not to be able to bear sends a news to give her I: You like my friend? Certainly must protect own sentiment, I did not think you receive the injury Crossed half hour her only then to return She: I and he said I and your matter, his manner has not mattered very much, expressed everybody is a friend, may understand Not any relations Corona, any silly woman! This kind of matter also said? Has the shy heart? Is what really silly or? Just wanted to dial passes the sha sha the telephone to ask clearly, my friend's telephone has unexpectedly first come, brought the awkward mood to press down has met listens to the key...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fellow is very lazy, any has not stayed behind...... Publishes to: 2007-08-22 10:23:58 Recommendation: . . . A camera better flat and thin piece is more rotten. . . By helps west 5 to open [ 821 / 65 ] .. 3rd building... Wants to play all the time evil consequence Bs5f07 8 80 Comes from: Security Registration: 2007-08-14 Sends the placard: 3 + 55 Function: [ Edition ] [ short note ] [ good friend ] [ photo album ] [ search ] [ reports to the authorities ] [ stage prop ] [ award point ] Management : [ Deletion ] [ IP ] Friend: The gang has makes may be hungry, sends makes with ancient hungry vegetable me is old? Does scatters? In order to murder beforehand the gang not to have just clear enjoys, now makes comes me to look like the rigidity type to be hungry How makes can help as soon as to pull two hungrily twists only then is hungry? Makes cuts down feared puts on helps? I: Is a long story....................................... (abbreviates 1,000 characters) Friend: Makes transports well to is hungry, by 3P is willing? is old rate? Kazak's just was old, makes cuts disappears cuts down? I: Has not scattered, the red cow came two bottles to lie down ancient gets up Friend: But also really cannot see them is this appearance, front she wants me said clear and she is any relations, I said puts together the relations, also can continuously to her good, had not thought this woman suspends the young tiger, said my stamen, wants me to make the choice, really was loses the temper Afterwards I said wants her to be obedient, considered for a time, the result she said did not need to consider, I did not treasure naturally can some people treasure her, the result on said her and your matter, had not thought your here also had a more intrepid news, knew they calculated your Lu Daocu I: ....................................... (Abbreviates 1,000 characters) Finally discusses decided I first act on behalf of the sha sha to comfort, otherwise the matter definitely needs to hold to my GF here goes, this female works really does not have the brain, for the natural luck lived I to admit defeat Made friend's telephone call to dial the sha sha... The telephone meets I: Why has to tell me the friend? You forgot our agreement? She: I am must stimulate him, who lets him such hang, me works as any Wants to want, I only then do not have such inexpensively, in is together everybody happy, he suspends any posture, added inside any heart cannot lay down GF to consider any, the rack is really big Too did not have the meaning, this man was old the cavity to hang hungrily, could not compare with the daddy, or the daddy cared about me, reminded me to have to protect oneself I: ....... Now has been calm? Have not made, is my friend manner is not right, I can educate him, the clever daughter daddy loves you Earlier rests, went don't again has thought She: Graciousness, the daddy kisses, wave ~~~ Has made the telephone call finally is the breathe sigh of relief This bomb temporarily by me lead wire, but or thinks she to be able in some day detonation No matter, any many has not thought, or this speech, most later two all does not relate... Had not thought two days latter should not occur the matter occurred Wednesday I and they looked like as before equally on-line talk at random in the past GF said yesterday has settled on clothes, got off work must lead me to look Also does not have how much money, only then 260, I complied, the small sha sha saw in the one side on to open the window in addition and I said wanted me evening to buy clothes to look for her, was late has not related, she could wait for me... Afterwards evening and has eaten the dinner GF to Wan Da, directly went to the special cabinet to buy clothes, together looked at the field son true colors afterwards, the good piece, the scene extremely was absolutely splendid Is looked the movie time GF always must come to annoy me, likes extending the hand toward me inside, the inflation which makes it, makes I very awkward, but she actually plays is specially happy, has watched the movie with many MM, also she can like this, really be the incurable concubine, fortunately we make last the row, any person had not discovered, otherwise really is feels too ashamed to be in public, although thought this kind of behavior is very uncouth, but , the process or stimulates said A movie favored already quick 10 o'clock, under annoyed to him is extremely uncomfortable, but remembered the sha sha to wait for I a little small excitement GF asked I am not directly go home? I: Natural, also will have to go to work tomorrow She: Graciousness, your small treasure wants the little darling oh, day after tomorrow I will look after its ~ ha ha I: ................ Took the taxi to deliver under her building, after deep lips, said goodbye to GF. This time I to the driver said changes course the distant original west road Dalian road, simultaneously dialed has passed her handset, after ten minutes I saw in the plot entrance she, this she has not brought the milk but is led two package of Wang Laoji got down drinks together discovers some times her or a very intimate young girl Saw her to bring the package to come out, moreover also had a fashionable clothing bag, inside was clothes Understands, looked like the evening some has been busy, recuperated three days, the battle efficiency should 100% restore... PS: Has a question, generally speaking 25 about man equally each months of 8 each time 2-3 was not? I feel this period of time or to injury the body very much, goes to work also listless, did not know was my physique not line or really excessively? Asks evening what planned? She mystical said already was durable I the name to cooperate Cheng Dinghao the peaceful flower park the luxurious landscape room.. Really is the person little rascal big under, also not first discusses, passed through the general idea to use 10 minutes, put crease in it down is 298, has entered the room discovery environment good, place specially big, inside some very big hall had the air conditioning to be a pity was does not have the furniture, was the inside bedroom small, but very clean,,298 prices absolutely worthwhile, compared to 168 was much better, was excited and curious I after the fresh environment has grasped her very earnestly, she suddenly has helped me to say she and my friend had discussed, he completely did not have the opinion to our relations, how was casual we, Later also will be willing to accompany our three same places to sing eats the food, the only request on will not need to do his GF here That good, I thought this was best only Had not thought behind her the speech attacks to me is not small She: In front of me sent the news to let him also come, but he did not know you also in, as soon as met you to make his phone call to meet him, certainly had to help me and under his explanation the behind matter, if you thought was not willing to accompany me to walk, evening I rested here I: Surprised center..... Graciousness several..... I did not know for a while how should reply her, her only then 19 years old! This is the speech which 19 year-old young girls says? This or the girl does matter? what in? what in! On the achievement man I all embarrassed on own initiative proposed opens the room dual flight, front had not thought this small KITTY is such crisp Candidly admits defeat...... I start to have doubts with am anxious, what now does the party have? All come too suddenly, I cannot imagine and the friend share her scene, the friend to am together put very much open the man, I thought he certainly may very quick enter into the spirit of a role. But I or cannot pass in the oneself heart this pass, thought with woman ** time can see the picture which another naked male really is feels disappointed very much, but also discusses what sexual desire? Most too bad is I discovered oneself radically not sends accepts the sha sha in front of me and another man ** appearance, absolutely is unable to accept Silently does not have the language to look the sha sha, she realized my concern, should also know I am unable to accept But temperament stubborn she also only is the side treats me to look outside the window, all threw as if the question for me, I has pulled out the smoke, after was thinking and so on how the friend did come we and he said, the most ideal situation persuades to quit my friend, he also in vain ran time A while telephone sound, after the friend did not say his 15 minutes, the sha sha also finally opened the mouth She: What doesn't have, cannot have an accident, previous you are not also have enjoyed? Now trades you want? You are really selfish , drinks the cold water, bad daddy I: I now want to know who between I and him your price ratio do like with same place? She: Graciousness.. In quite is together happy with you, you look like my daddy, works very carefully has the detail very much, is nicer I, but is a one-track mind, old antique I: Why such being the case has to let him come together? Thought I could not satisfy you? ? She: Yes, was cannot satisfy, I was must pursue stimulate, you did not want me to be allowed to look for the others, you left hypocritical, the false man, the others married has also been able , what we did have not to be allowed did? I: Then you do have have thought my feeling? My friend's feeling? Also has us to your view? If we are the unprincipled person, how takes this matter to threaten your you to manage? ! How if the matter please will say later you to be the person? Listens to my such saying she to start to hesitate She: You do not look like this kind of person.. I can feel, what an my young girl you does blackmail my? You are not in society's young hoodlum you have own enterprise, therefore cannot harm me, I know I: Are you such how innocent, the will of the people separates the belly and intestines, you knew P, will play like this sooner or later one day you to be able to have an accident She: Why do you educate me like this, you really have worked as you are my daddy? What qualifications has to manage me? Has the original story you to be my boyfriend, is only good to me, eats meal with the others buys clothes is not specially happy, why can't accompanies me, today or you stay behind either walk, I also had the others to accompany me, you do not want hypocritical This girl how does also lack self-respect? At that time I simply was unable to understand how she was thinks The fire is big! I: Must walk you to walk, the room is I opens, you open the room to go in addition, I no matter you! She: The conscience man, has not completely understood you Selfish! I: The silly woman, the quality does not divide! The simpleton, gets out of the way you! Too let me be disappointed Possible my expression heavy, she was also excited She: You only then roll, tumbles out, you calculated any thing, will have the original story later not to come to look for me, again will bump my you is a domestic animal I indignantly arrived the extreme, did not have the means to work again the dialogue This very moment I decided withdrew, I could not convince I, I could not find the reason to stay behind, meet me to say nothing take up the handset and the wallet detain the gold bar to lose for her open the gate to walk, was in luck the layered goalkeeper to close, this should die the night, too let me be disappointed! Just walked to the elevator mouth I had thought she and GF relations, after now could not do well her to be able to go looks for GF to come out ours matter to the barrel, how managed? The matter completely unexpectedly, thoroughly loses the control Fortunately I also have last the straw to grasp.. My friend should draw near, all counted on he could comfort this bomb, thought the young girl also was for a while impulse, my friend well and she said the speech stood firm she to be supposed or not to have the question, but thought the evening friend will come later to have the matter which occurred with her I also to be extremely does not want, but the present has not chosen as if, only could give up preserve GF OK, I have made a connection friend's telephone He: Feeds? That energy? I: In what place? When? He: ? What scatters is hungry acousto-optics to arrive? I; You have not been say? I have also come, the sha sha told me, you did not play the fool He: What does? 11 and half o'clock, I was not at the home to sleep run any place to go Made friend's telephone call I to start to have doubts, concubine what meaning? Hasn't she simply sent the news? Front answers the telephone also is false? Brings the question to turn back the room, knocks on a door she not to open, I was shouting in outside I already knew struggle, quickly let me go in says clearly Finally was lets me go in, asked what she was doing? She: You and he by means of the telephone? I: He said your radically nobody approximately does cross him, what you does to deceive me? Who front the handset is dozen? She: Front is the alarm clock (smiles) I: What such entertainment does I? How didn't 11,000 I have and the friend make the phone call directly to run you to manage? She happy has smiled once again She: I want to send your news, just wrote you to come back, promised ~ to you to look has written in, looked has known Received her handset Approximate content: The simpleton, first time saw your time on has the favorable impression very much to you, therefore easily has given the body you, but I did not know you are somewhat like me, actually today I have not let any person come, is I intentionally is probing you whether is willing to let the others share me, I want to know whether you do care about me, when I see you is angry me to be really good happy, quickly comes back, the treasure daughter is waiting for you The eye was a little moist I: For.. What has to use the such silly way? Why before you did not say did not ask? She: The man said loves you all is false, said loves you is wants to go to bed with you, went to bed added loves you is continuously wants to go to bed with you I only then do not ask, obtains the answer with this way is most real, actually county county before also has used, had the result which man unexpectedly agreed, afterwards she started running away at once, now looks at down or your heavy sentiment oh, but on our three people's together times she to you also was some disappointed, but she compared to me wants opening, compared to me natural, is more intelligent than me, she understood how wins man's sincerity I: .............. (Affection is looking her) I came up closely grasped her............ Crazy on like this has night begun the prologue, two three.. If has four attires perhaps block TT I also can have fourth Finally... That one was late I to deceive her, I to give her to pledge that, I personally said I loved her, I can be continuously good to her, also complied certain and the county county bids good-bye.. Also already has been inevitable in the future to her injury...... PS: That is late I first time to feel she is the so heavy sentimental girl, originally they are not natural which plays, but is helpless which plays, how don't they understand conquer the man to attract the man, only knew silly devoted enjoys pleasant sensation which brings, the true love to them said remote may not and, perhaps they before meets these do not have this ability and the interest and they carries on in the emotion the deeper level exchange, also possibly is not willing with the woman which like this easily devoted to discuss really loves? Only can say she is has a bad husband, she the condition very is possible today and her first man related, behind the successful man has a good woman, actually also may change, degenerates behind the woman certainly has the ** man ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fellow is very lazy, any has not stayed behind...... Publishes to: 2007-08-22 10:29:58 Recommendation: 1C$ds Mark3 comes! [ Chart ] by mountain valley [ 727 / 13 ] .. 4th building... Wants to play all the time evil consequence Bs5f07 8 80 Comes from: Security Registration: 2007-08-14 Sends the placard: 3 + 56 Function: [ Edition ] [ short note ] [ good friend ] [ photo album ] [ search ] [ reports to the authorities ] [ stage prop ] using the illusion for the room gentle and the lively pale color, can bring more spaces to you; Otherwise, the deep dark color actually only can produce, one kind of oppression feeling, makes you not to penetrate is mad. Moreover,the wall cloth, also may spread two kind of pale tones the color, these two kind of colors must be parallel to the ground, the horizontal line gradually by unexpectedly changes by the lower part toward upside narrowly, forms vision which the enlargement extends, for the person one kind of spacious... in the high overload situation, lower part the clothing in the pipeline the liquid pressure increases, makesthe liquid to start to inflate, oppresses the anti- Dutch clothing the inner layer, from this forms attaches presses the function to pilot's lower part of the body, prevents the blood the foot to flow, maintains the cerebrum to donate blood sufficiently, avoids not good responding. This kind of anti- Dutch clothing automatic performance process completely is a physical process, does not need any extra adjustment... to be panic is "", but I was having a premonition this unfortunate matter was has already come: The freedom of thought oppression did not need certainly to need to use the government the strength, the person civil most strength to interfere the minority dissident also is the oppression . The week, the Chen two person of differences involve to thought view, religious view, the political view difference, is restricted in the length, inconveniently deeply directs... any polarization of the rich and the poor country, the government all oppresses the social class spokesman. In the feudal society, oppresses the social class is the bureaucratic landlord, in the capitalist society, oppresses the social class is the bureaucrat-capitalist class.. Peddler in city tube and under media dual oppression tenacious existence, on the one hand the showing social security flaw, the employment situation is stern, works makes a living not easily, on the other hand explained when the people's purchasing power serious...

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next station. Black Pi Zhu's not over Mars: This suffered deceased person's inspection

(did not express deeply sympathy ) and I with the small entire endof the month to have to resign road how many which was allowed to elect oneself to like to be supposed to pray for heavenly blessing herto hope she was allowed to walk far better had said with the vegetablewe will have to keep the city one were we also continue no matter had the bitter pharmacy to be old too has deceitfully. We all will go down some matters will be do not have the answer... to bookmobile write the Xiu guest to sympathize with Ke Yimin Yang two to speak frankly the participation "the heart movement" are teach Ke Yimin already to apologize through the abundant guest, Yang two in asserted positively after own relations, also finally could not bear in the red net Xiu guest outgoing message greatly voices the feeling, called oneself by the person, likely together waited for put into the pot meat. Although is not willing to pay attention "forces out" the hearsay, but she extremely puts: "The feeling... sympathizes with themale non- money surgery to soak the affectation cranium tidewater for three years with the ethyl alcohol (chart) 38 year old man (chart) the wife to go off trackthe husband chaotic knife for the denaturation in the hospital entrance autonomy to hack to death the love rival man to fall into thewater storage pit to be stranded three days to eat for the life hundred scorpions (group chart) the leukemia youth to open the abundant guest recording life finally 80 days (chart) the man to soak the cranium with the ethyl alcohol to continue: Recreates the skull approximately to need... the I was short the 0``` sympathy as soon as to go downstairs the host, Posted: 2007-08-23 13:33 rushak47 rank: 09 round placards: 129 moral behavior: 3 essence: 0 spouses.. Has a look me, sympathetic ~is firm does not send does not have the quality the card! Firm does not sit does not have the connotation the sofa! Posted: 2007-08-23 14:42 kikyo_...

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