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art is humanist - interview bernhard Yang Zhijie main strength Shi Yunfeng Liu Pu Danbi Jianbin Tsengtzu contains Cai Zhizao Xu Weizhong French commercial photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino the work collection --> art exchange just to enter the advertisement photography, Should buy any camera -> the equipment hardware construction west multi- angles performance method ----... Bernhard Nobel, 1833.10.21--1896.12.10) the will takes the fund establishment by its part of inheritances. Nobel prize including gold medal chapter, certificate and bonus check. Obeys the Nobel will, the physics prize and chemistry prize evaluates by the Sweden imperial family academy of science, the physiology or the medicine prize evaluate by the Sweden imperial family Carolyn medical college, the literature prize ripples by Swedenarticle... bernhard to consult accumulate crack process not fight 2007-1-24 4/461 2007-2-24 19:53 by Tibet fine Chinese style pavilion jade and 100+ tobacco pipe question consult 12 fred1437 2006-12-2 14/1,039 2007-2-24 19:52 by Tibet fine Chinese style pavilion to hear * Yuan Lumai the grass for has inventoried and confiscated, is the real... , the industrial, nitroglycerine inventor Ahl Fred - - Nobel ( subsistent Noble, Alfred Bernhard ,1833-1896 ) The partial inheritances take the fund establi impracticable shment. [ Read full text ] in 1950, proved the marrow transplanted the animal which could save suffers the fatal dose radiation. In 1967, American Washington University Thomas publishes the report to say, if... Lebanon to be graceful (Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard ) 10-13 Ukraine advantage Shi Taiyin (Uli Stein) 10-13 natrium Feng Simens (Werner Von Siemens) 10-13 open-air art festival 10-13 lake festival (Maschsee Lake Festival) 10-13 Hannover city history 10-13 Hannover city name... China higher education academic society educates the mathematics specialized committee the official website. finishes ( Bernhard Bueb ) abundantly the translator: Yang Mengru publishing house: Prescience 070. Title: [ Curriculum information ] in October classical music program/wheat -- 200.7/9/3 million afternoon 04:12:04 first week: Old schoolmate: Puccini ~ for art in order to love the new schoolmate: Beethoven ~ destiny first music movement 071. Title: [ Student shares area ] book club... Bernhard , Herzog von Sachsen-Meiningen - Heinrich (1862C1929) - Sigismund (1864C1866) - Viktoria (1866C1929) - verheiratet mit Adolf, Prinz von Schaumburg-Lippe - Waldemar (1868C1879) - Sophie (1870C1932), die...

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aide Mei Yang Zhengxiang land uncle Qingxu country fragrant Zhu Zhugai Ding Bangqing gui Xuehong Zou Weimin Chen Damei Zhu Yang the Xiu Happy Birthday health, the whole family are happy! On October 29, 2007 Copyright 2006-2007 All Rights Reserved all rights reserved: Chiangnan University rear service group technical support: Listens to rain work... dispatches to draw back the whole body , he step goes to hers residence. "On king." Guards a gate the guard respects standing on ceremony. "You get down." Always courteous reception soldier's he now does not have the mood to converse. Dispatches to draw back the soldier, step of like she as soon as is waiting right up to prunuspseudocerasus courtyard. The thing is the person ( ) as before, she actually not in. Moonlight chilly, according to the lonely courtyard, the early fall micro is being cold... seven aides rosy clouds surface long graduated arm double side station jade thick liquid inland sea Tibet garden month to follow the ball to exude the merits and faults first prophet rise and fall to manage President by the knowledge to be long-drawn-out rate along with is willing towards the dusk ship shame for the universe emperor to be the king to wipe item to peep craftily rinses the tooth to reprimand the dirt boils to face upward asks principle Lu Chui to regard seeks refined language night of to sweep away snow frost Wan Yunjie long to hear item Lian Bikou the English variant... to be supposed to be his next to the skin aide . I micro is hanging the head, makes noise by no means, butin the sleeve control actually already seeped perspired, was the fear?Yes, here peaceful lets the person be afraid.. Very refined appearance, but actually also has the extraordinary breadth ofspirit, the such outstanding person, unexpectedly only is at present this Hsiungnu country crown prince's aide , and makes a dress to him, looked like Hsiungnu country's... the Louvre the next to the skin chief aide to leave: Honor member essence: 93 round placards: 7,064 prestige: 2,430 moneys: 28,325 gold coins contributions value: 3 friends encircle:Day character first 1 on-line time: 1,609 (hour) registers the time: 2005-06-11 finally registers: 2007-10-11 individual anthology new page layout new... not to have kissing of the mother and child, non- husbands and wives love of the your brothers, the non- official under the emperor aide feast swim are happy. luck of the common people, also has the victory to a person of revering." Approximately close. Explained the Guangxu Emperor reason, really with since childhood under the Empress Dowager Cixi despotic power, lost tothe recuperation care concerns. 12345. publications messages human spirit TOP10 healthy emotion... [ Passes through ] the sea heart Hundred paste > Unreliable > Glances over the posting Host: the dragon lonely names of several cultivated roses flower opens the xi river I to assign Increases to searches for the Tibet | fast reply Pastes the suit Immortal sword Divine Comedy author: Niu yuzhe immortal variant.. An immortal sword Divine Comedy year will first chapter of miasma second chapter of Zhu Dante three chapter of fourth chapter of night assault.. 1 [ Passes through ] the sea heart Really cannot find out any topic, came a west loved with the personal name for the topic to be good [ has been loaf is killed ] At present does not have the very explicit program... ... I am like thinking where writes where person, whistling - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - East China Sea, is since the ancient times asks the immortal to seek springe place of the saint. Crosses the eastern coastal region of China to go, looks for the immortality the elixir, beginning Yu Qinhuang, Sheng Yuhan Wei. Until the Qing Dynasty, the side slightly stops. Seeks heart of the immortal although to be pale, however the indistinct fable dependence mouth mouth hands down, does not spread the rest. Reddish orange sky, ground. Winds liquid which climbs over criss-crossed network, is glittering the golden color glimmer. A circular catwalk is located above the prominent megalith, periphery 12 lamps flashes on and off does not decide. In front of each lamp all is setting up the person which puts on the black cape, that cape completely covers the face and the body, only can see the junction grasps, the slender pale finger in front of the body. 12 individual this silently are standing, suddenly all slightly gains ground, looks to the catwalk entrance. Easely walks from the entrance stone steps a person, the appearance and 12 personally is exactly the same, the only decorated with silver plain pattern purple long gown demonstrates this person of out of the ordinary status. "Starts." The long gown under the low and deep sound resounds, the volume not greatly but profoundly drifts, passes share gloomy gas. 12 lamps ray plays are suddenly abundant, after explodes the sound blooms dazzling luminous, if this 13 people to the eye regard the thing, surely can detect own vision lose the moment. The lamp bright gradually abates, the circular catwalk central raises group black mist, gradually gathers together takes shape. 12 black capes do not see have any movement, but the atmosphere inexplicable ground submergence austere gets up. In the mist presently leaves a human form, gradually dissipates. The purple long gown dimly is getting down in the light central steps onto to the catwalk goes: "Has met, 50.301289 million." "My this th name is called the sea heart, burns the lamp adult." That person finally treads , wields as soon as waves the hand scatters twines in the side black fog, appears black hair black eye young girl's facial features. "The present world name only can have the moment, the soul number only then toes make clear your essence." Is called "burns the lamp" the person coldly coldly to say. "Moreover, you do not matter ' this th '. You had already died." The girl is with something else in mind light as soon as smiles, observes the situation all around. "You have not unexpectedly come the rope soul, but also uses a turn of stage? Greets an my such youngest daughter the soul to alarm 12 aides, my face really is also big." She black eye observes closely burns the lamp. "Your this th survival time is quite short, with life and death book difference very many. In order to provide against contingencies, can not but make the thorough arrangement." Burns the lamp to reply. The girl selects the eyebrow. "Is really rare, the life and death book subscribes the good life also to be able to make a mistake?" Her forced smile, "I also thought this traffic accident definitely is the this life life is thin, the clever difference long time ago visits the rope to assign. What a pity just arrived the hand the immortal four to limit the quantity the luxurious version... ... " She does wants to cry but have no tears the shape. Burns lamp made no reply. The girl lifts the hand to have a look as soon as to restore the soul to know the condition to appear on the left wrist the white link, the above engraves is being approximate to the bar code mark, is distinguishes the soul status marking. 50.301289 million, that is her soul serial number. No matter is reincarnated how many, no matter this fresh manner, beast or flowers and plants trees, once died arrives the ghost, can prove the status then only has above this hand link the serial number. Burns the lamp withered hand to find out from in the purple long gown sleeve cuff, pa the electric light lightly dodges, an inspection lamp appears in the hand. Is flushing the girl slightly one , burns the lamp from to attend to from a place slowly step of under turn of stage. The girl looked did not look waits for as before in periphery 12 aides, shows a faint smile, to burns the lamp the back to walk. The foot just left a turn of stage last the stone steps, at present scenery suddenly changes, the red sky, the purple place all vanished does not see, generation by pessimistic mud chaos. The non- golden non- lignin place alley from burns under the lamp foot to delay start, submerges remote may not and distant place. "Really fondly remembers, is burnt the lamp to lead like this is walking road to Hades, already was third has suffered." Girl's laughter after burns resounds. "Your this life manner, the person is not must be easy to feel is weary of? Is your mood as if why better than on order?" Burns the lamp neither cold nor hot, the sentimental gloomy voice strangely is not reverberating in this this this limitless space. "Because could start newborn immediately. But was really a pity, I to this th life or very satisfied." The girl worriedly said slightly. "This family circumstances are good, the parents also very much dote on to me, is I sorry them." Girl's sound suddenly puts supply, "burns the lamp, I tell you, original... ... Died time some person of sadness, really is the feeling very good." "First time walks road to Hades time, you are very depressed." Burns the lamp slowly to say. "You said are 1986 event? Slowly appreciates the death the taste indeed not to feel better." The girl smiles. "Moreover, that time simply did not know road to Hades the terminus also is any... ... Is the main heaven, or Satan hell? Afterwards had finally known, the original background terminus is a variable palace." Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-27 08:32 to reply this speech 2 [ Passes through ] the sea heart Burns the lamp silent half of the day. "Your this th definitely is too short, otherwise you cannot have the free time to say such many." "The average person walks on road to Hades, only was the aftertaste this life on enough make person all sorts of feelings. My this life too was perhaps good." The girl nods. "Said also very strange, my this has the memory three th very to be all short, th has not surpassed for 20 years. Divulges since the radiation which because the nuclear power station dies, I am different on and other souls, even if is reincarnated also can hold the previous existence the memory. Moreover... ... How does the life meet not strictly according to the life and death book? Burns the lamp, you are my soul exclusive clever difference, you knew what is happening?" Burnt the lamp to silence. The girl saw cannot obtain the answer, the sound has been small: "Originally you do not know... ... " The peaceful moment, she has not had idly to mutter: "Said this road to Hades is how such long... ... Also looks not to the end... ... " Burns the lamp not to reply that, is raising the lamp slowly and stably is walking to front. On under the purple long gown the silver pattern shines upon in the lights is glittering the glimmer. Also crossed as if very long period of time, road to Hades has still wound to the boundless distant place, as if forever blind terminus. Suddenly, takes the lead burns the lamp to feel the after death soul stopped. The ghost is does not have the weight, naturally walks cannot make the sound. Burns the lamp purely is depends upon between the ghost the induction, only then knew the girl stopped the footsteps. "How?" If can knit the brows, burnt the lamp definitely already such to do. "Asks you honestly to tell me, are 12 aides' appearances for what?" The girl black eye must burn as if the lamp the behind to burn two holes. "They only obey variably dispatch, specially Si Xingsha! Aren't they come for me? Also why did they see I, can that alert?" "You should know the life and death book and your soul direct correlation, the life and death book makes a mistake, perhaps your soul also can come under the influence." Burns the lamp to turn around, said at a moderate pace. "But only has 12 aides to be able the great distance to pursue the soul, guarantees your Yuan god to be well." The girl doubt is sizing up opposite party. "The life and death book is should not make a mistake." "Everything all has the accident, why can't the ghost?" Burns the lamp tranquilly to reply. He turns around face the front, stretches out the skinny finger to the distant place spot thioindigo red: "The variable palace is drawing near." The girl fixes the eyes on as soon as looked that, is really light of the variable palace red lights. She does not have any flattery again, also knew burns the lamp not to be able to reveal more, then follows. The flame is more and more obvious, even may fuzzily see to guard causes at the entrance two side ghost. The girl has extended the tone. Although road to Hades no danger, but always treats in can recollect the previous generation the place or to make her not to be uncomfortable. Terminus along with gradually approaches, the ghost causes the form is also clear. Saw the ghost causes to wear a mask the black cape, her sudden whole body as soon as shakes, also stops the footsteps. Guards the variable palace the ghost to cause this is the military garb , why can be the black cape dresses up? "Doesn't the mortal ghost, why stop front?" Burns the lamp to look back on, in the hand the inspection lamp high lifts, fierce asks. On girl's face reveals the look which cannot be believed. She certainly is clear, burns the lamp this time to display is "the word spirit technique" the center "calls the soul", is for the purpose of summoning is not willing to follow the clever difference the wandering soul. If overbearing "locks the soul", the spirit freedom of movement completely is all executed the technique the clever difference to deprive. "What matter has had? Why burns the lamp you... ... Must to me under the incantation?" The girl is amazed called out. She felt a formidable strength from burns the lamp to well up, tows her to go to opposite party. Burns the lamp and her relations is very harmonious, but she only is some questions, stubbornly resisted by no means, why burns the lamp suddenly to adopt the strong method? Front... ... Actually is any... ... the front is burning the lamp, in her mind the miraculous glow as soon as dodges. "Is it possible that... ... The road terminus is not the variable palace, but is the aide occupies?" The aide occupies is place of the 12 aides function, namely the punishment kills! "What crime have I committed?" She rapid calmly gets down. In ghost, she because has the reincarnation not to lose the previous generation memory the special physique, already knows fairly well to the ghost custom. The aide goes forth to battle, when receives the variable order, punishes her this "the crime soul". Only was she wants to break the head also not to be able to find out her once to do any misdemeanor. If this lives has the big crime, when road to Hades should stand not steadily, falls into in the hell. She can feel burns the lamp but lightly to shake because of hers speech, raises the lamp hand blue vein to blow out, the lights ray play is abundant. "Why... ... Why... ... " She is duplicating these thr stalactite ee characters. Sets out the aide to cope with her this ordinary ghost, may infer if is being taken by them, how the fate can pitiful! Frighteneds out of one's wits also calculated good, most feared can suffer greatly... ... No! Not at all! Was mad transfers at will, her side suddenly black fog fills the air, is resisting the inspection lamp ray. Burns between the lamp and the girl void changes the violent storm to be ordinary in an instant. In her black eye projects dissolves the mixed hatred, is being unwilling and the shock vision, dances in the air, cannot say makes widely known evilly four. Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-27 08:32 to reply this speech 3 [ Passes through ] the sea heart "I cannot hands tied be captured!" She lowly shouts that, fiercely worked loose has burnt the lamp word spirit technique the fetter, stepped out a step to side, stood in the roadside. "You!" Burns the lamp intonation first time to appear the vibration, "you make any! Road under certainly to be sure hell, but is inexhaustible void! Your soul can tear to pieces by the spatial distortion!" She makes an effort the strength as soon as to smile, lets go the road: "Rather is , is not !" Said for does not burn the lamp executes "locks the soul" the opportunity, dutifully jumped to underneath that inexhaustible pessimistic chaos. What in the chaos is? The sea heart certainly not clearly knew. She will only hear the universe is composed by many planes, the ghost and the present world all is one of them, but the different plane, finally all will belong to the chaos. But it is not connects the ghost and the present world channel. On for instance destroys the drinking glass, indeed the fragment all is a drinking glass part, but you postmultiply never can cause the fragment ingredient extension to transfer to each other independent together fragment to come up in addition together. Perhaps, the chaos also is between two goals soccer fields, must score a goal another goal the ball, only has through the field, but in the process has the inexhaustible variable, regardless of is snatches breaks or out-of-bounds. She did not know how in the soul investment chaos can, be broken results in is not left over an atom, or becomes between various planes the eternal existence? Suddenly, she has placed oneself to in the innumerable rapid shuttles light beam. The light beam does not hinder passed through her body, rushes to the void terminal which remote cannot be known. She surprised looks at all these. These light beams let her think of - the time. The time passes, through ancient times as usual. If has any thing is between various planes altogether has, the sea heart believed that is the time. Must try to find solution to leave here. Her this thought just emitted, detected the oneself whole body by the golden light package, bunch of intense rays front surfaces comes, was neglected her. Is only the flash time, she felt own already placed oneself to another world, a feeling was more familiar much the world. The limitless blue color at present spreads out all over in her, gladdens the heart coolness. Her impetuous heart rapidly returns to normal by this elegantly simple blue color. The coagulation blue color world has only continued the extremely short time, she at present swiftly turns a blackness. Cold, good is cold. Any also cannot see, any also does not listen. The huge pressure raids to her, together with biting cold cold Italy. She originally is the soul knows the condition, why also can feel the pressure and be cold? The sea heart innermost feelings surprise, wants to move, actually discovered the four limbs the oppression which raids in all directions are imprisoned move do not have. She not on own initiative curls up the body a group. Since dies, she not once has encountered this kind clearly feels own "the existence" the situation. The present world matter is completely penetrates regarding the ghost. She sinks as if in this kind of density enormous matter, had not known when how long, has soon lost consciousness, she has touched the base. The smooth like mirror, does not have sundry goods, did not know is any matter makes, touches has the slightly warm feeling. In the sea image desert travel had discovered the oasis is ordinary, joyfully the whole body attachment in the plane, derives are much less sufficiently, but reluctantly contends with the cold warmth. "Future who?" A low and deep sound does not resound in the distant place. The sea heart stayed one has been dull, completely could not understand why unexpectedly could hear in this world to Chinese fact. She arrives is not the different world as if... ... She returned to the present world? The sea heart still immerses in the thinking, that sound impatiently also asked: "Actually where does deity your arrival, report on for me to come." "You... ... " The sea heart discretely chooses uses the refined language, "you are... ... Humanity? Or ghost?" Can say the logical expression, as if only has these two kind of existences. Her speech has created not the small accident as if to opposite party, crossed the moment, that low and deep voice reresounds only then: "You asked I am the person am the ghost? This question is not really easy to answer." Again silences the half of the day, opposite party slowly said that, "Cultivates virtue in order to become an immortal inadequately, instead drops the fascinated road. Enrages the heaven, is imprisoned Yu Ci. Seeks livehood does not have, asks refusing stubbornly energy. I although still was living, but lost actually the vitality person, might also be able to be called ' the person '?" In the voice has says endless desolate. Cultivates virtue in order to become an immortal? Fascinated? What was he saying? The sea heart did not understand. She decides from the more basic topic start. "What place is here?" "The here is the East China Sea seabed." Is light sound which nearly must not be able to hear. East China Sea? The sea heart as soon as is startled. Associates before this person said the speech, a thought flashes before in hers mind. Her sound all somewhat shivered: "You... ... What is your name?" Opposite party intonation is tranquil. "My unreliable ." Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-27 08:32 to reply this speech 4 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Unexpectedly sent have been such many... ... The hope do not have to swallow the building That, hoped appears everybody please explained, because saw request time this part already wrote, therefore only could afterwards appear Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-27 08:33 to reply this speech 5 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart If has been really swallowed, may arrive to look, this is my abundant guest, the synchronized renewal Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-27 08:36 to reply this speech 6 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart . . . The original this girl is living time has played the immortal four. . . . . . . . . Author: group e 2007-10-27 10:02 replies this speech 7 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart I very want to ask... ... She in attains in front of the luxurious version to have buys evenly does have goes through customs does have prostrates oneself in the beautiful woman under the sleeping robe? ? ? Author: the names of several cultivated roses flower opens 2007-10-27 14:27 replies this speech 8 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Such quickly meets ~ even if has not prostrated oneself in the beautiful woman under the sleeping robe, also certainly is understands the sympathy very much to? Anticipates as follows ~ Author: The day frost cloud 2007-10-27 15:25 replies this speech 9 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart With 7 buildings, the partner thought she definitely plays has played ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Author: The black puppet month 2007-10-27 19:39 replies this speech 10 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Under PS, the partner likes this beginning this to meet the way ~ ~ ~ ~ since has played the game drop, that receives the plot was worth anticipating, L Z refueled ~ ~ ~ Author: The black puppet month 2007-10-27 23:53 replies this speech 11 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Smiled the ~~~~~ adult really to begin ~ to have well to unreliable oh ~ Author: The Xuanwu white tiger clever king 2007-10-28 12:10 replies this speech 12 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Ha-ha, the sea heart ~ adult's future asks your ~ Author: The day spirit proclaims Mr. 2007-10-28 22:13 to reply this speech 13 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart On these days all nets, therefore sent some has been late... ... Actually recently intertwined Yu Haixin to have in any ability quite good question... ... While convenient asked, everybody does have has looked at "Hunter"? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Opposite party intonation is tranquil. "My unreliable ." Not the resounding sound the vibration actually like landslide cracks in the earth which creates in the sea heart heart is certainly ordinary. He is... ... Unreliable... ... ... ... Sea heart big both eyes, are completely shaken silly. " sends... ... Unreliable ?" "You know me?" In the unreliable intonation fills the accident. "Actually are you who?" The day, he really is unreliable ! Unreliable in hers front! Ascends the sky waits her not to be thin! The sea heart originally because the ghost pursues kills but the ash defeat mood suddenly to be open and bright. The soul complete is well did not say, but also passed through she incomparably familiar immortal sword world, as if also had a not obvious flaw the body. Originally holds the thoughts which rather as soon as dies to join in the chaos, did not want unexpectedly to obtain this and so on the fortuitous encounter! "Replies me!" Unreliable sinks the sound to ask. The sea heart "the soul" is called, actually does not have to reply immediately, anxiously asked: "Has the lamp? My any also cannot see." This but the once in a thousand years opportunity, first full fine sights again said. Hears to her irrelevance reply, is unreliable has not continued to press for an answer, only gently sighed the tone. The sea heart hears to a periphery piece "buzz" the micro sound, the green light from does not have weakly, from to is weakly strong. In her rectifying conduct place square shape Shitai, Shitai nearby the fours respectively has a giant cow pillar together, the pillar peak is glittering the blue light. She does not attend to the piercing coldness, crawls from the place, gawks looks the Shitai central seat is unreliable in the misty glimmer . He wears the sea heart incomparably to be familiar, the volume war white inlays the purple side magnificent road clothing, sits cross-legged sits, both hands tie India. Black along with current of water slowly aerosol, compared to former steadily, still the incomparable dust has been as if elegant. The sea heart vision contacts he facial cast, suddenly in the heart one is cold. Just knew was his time goes to extremes excitedly, down to she has unexpectedly neglected that vivid key. Original... ... He has not escaped... ... Actually was away from is imprisoned crossed how many hundred years? Or in 1000? She stares at opposite party to be tranquil , suddenly thought this scene incomparably knows well. Remembered plays the game in to endure initially meets when him, he also is so graceful is gentle, gentle controls, does not have tiny bit , as if already gave up all. But in his heart throughout has cannot live the life to hold in vain reads. Alone in the ice-cold seabed, ice-bound compares with 19 years, the day but is more unendurable? Innermost feelings contradiction, whether was suffering his innermost feelings compared to the past? Unreliable shuts tightly the pupil slowly opens, in pair of blood pupil and the volume three Spanish reds India serves as contrast the fresh splendor, did not increase several minute evil spirits for his scarlet pale face. He slightly knits the brows looks at her, in the eye has the suspicion, what but are more is puzzled. Her this suddenly appears the unexpected visitor, did not know whether let him compared to the same year Milky Way unexpectedly? The sea heart moral nature surges the impulse which cannot be suppressed, she steps out a step to front, kneels in his front. "How many years have you treated in here?" Horizontally views that pair to contain the thick thick flame pupil as if, she felt oneself was more frozen much the eye socket unexpectedly to be hot. "How many years? I do not know." Unreliable gently shakes the head, black dances in the breeze along with his movement in the water, the lining his shape shade sad is desolate. Has not always seen the that sad spirit, too lonely, too was lonely. The sea heart is not Liu Mengli, in her cerebrum simply does not have the recollections the space. First time saw this person's time, she thinks is - I must rescue this person. Unreliable , I must rescue you to exit. Like this was thinking, she to law which central shines stretches out the hand to go. Unreliable coldly coldly gazes at her movement, slightly has not prevented meaning. "Well? This... ... " Completely unexpectedly, her hand unexpectedly does not hinder passed through law, touches black hair which unreliable dances in the air. "Why?" Guessed correctly as if in her heart thought, was unreliable lightly smiles. "This original manuscript is I supposes, you certainly cannot encounter the hindrance." "You suppose?" The sea heart reluctant to part from from is unreliable sends the hand on the silk to put aside, relentlessly asked. "Is for concentrate this Shitai the thermal energy." Unreliable nods, observes the situation all around the dark sea water. "The here is the East China Sea seabed hole most deep place, the cavern distance intriguing, concurrently has layer on layer the barrier, the seabed , if the not deep supernatural power support, must exit certainly not the easy matter. But this Shitai is in the burrow the only heat source... ... " The sea heart silently nods, in the heart feels cold. "I had understood - Shitai's quantity of heat is the only dependence. This entire seabed hole... ... Is giant prison cell!" "Is good. Hateful I now the skill only -odd tenth, only has the patience to accumulate, waiting opportunity." Unreliable sighs. Sea heart low-spirited, the god certainly cannot be unreliable ten tenth skills imprisons in the seabed. How violent treachery have conceivable they gotten down! The silence half of the day, she said in a low voice that, "I... ... I will come from the very remote future. I knew sends story, your story." Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 07:18 to reply this speech 14 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Hears the word, the unreliable bright red eye pupil projects the blazing ray, is scared her. The sea heart as soon as gawks, suddenly understood he wants to ask any, lets go the road: "I after did not know you imprisoned East China Sea have been occurred any matter, in my time not bright evil spirit monster immortal, was only left over the person and the ghost." Unreliable stayed one has been dull, immediately forced smile. "So mentions... ... Even if could live forever, one day still the plenary session changed into the bubble... ... " The sea heart waves the hand again and again. "Does not need to go to extremes pessimistically, that this will be the very long very long later matter. What now is most essential is how escapes... ... " She suddenly detected the unreliable side has been short the same thing - "the xi and, your xi and sword?" Her both hands support in Shitai, surprised opposite party. Xi and also... ... The unreliable sharp vision has swept, as if accidentally to her Lian Xi and the existence also knew. "Xi and given name too resounding, thought is not spread down is not all good... ... " Sea heart low voice explanation. After a while, she wrinkles the brow. "Is it possible that... ... God that group of fellow really handles the matter such certainly!" Only -odd tenth skill loses the xi and the sword is unreliable , all may defeat him including that three infants, let alone had to break through East China Sea the imprisonment! In the ice-cold seabed, kneels on the floor does not accept Shitai thermal energy her, all coldly passed from outside to in. She originally should not will feel the heat, however spreads from heart of hearts turbulent burning the friendliness, the sea heart knew, that is her anger. After dies light is originally misty, to anything can look opens ghost anger. The world is originally unkind! However if is unkind, why again and again compels this man the dead end! Supports the place both hands to grip tightly Cheng Quan. Formerly always sighed in the game the lead accomplishes nothing helpless, until realized by oneself, only then knew the original cloud Milky Way can accomplish the matter already very were many! He can seek to three is cold, can prevent the whereabouts... ... But she, passes through layer on layer hinders arrives the unreliable front, what also can make for him? "Girl you... ... Is it possible that wants to rescue me to exit? I urge you or to give up this thought." In the unreliable sound has surprised, what are more is self-ridiculed. "East China Sea does not compare endures." "Indeed, may want to come to slight cloudiness Milky Way then to come, wants to walk then walks." Sea heart forced smile, "but he since can accomplish a time, I thought I also may successfully again rescue your!" Is as if the manifesto is firm, she made the movement - left hand which inside a game frequently appeared to make a fist attacks fiercely the right hand. Saw her this movement, is unreliable sighs: "The girl lets me remember the dead person... ... " The sea heart lowly smiles, "cloud Milky Way... ... Also doesn't know him now actually how... ... " Unreliable shakes the head closes both eyes, collects an item center like blood the god light, on the face reappears only has the sorrow. This lives must have meets the date! Took to in front of East China Sea, is unreliable like this solemnly to the Milky Way has said. The sea heart to heart center micro sighs, then was unreliable , perhaps has not expected can encounter such treatment? If the cloud Milky Way were still the original cloud Milky Way, that really had to turn them finally at the same time. This went for many years, should be the auspicious day prosperity is nominal! Fortunately supports rest of the bright dragon cloud Milky Way to fear already has become half god not old body. She layer on layer guaranteed that, "do not have to worry, the Milky Way certainly can wait till you... ... Certain meeting... ... " Unreliable opens eyes to her looked like, some helpless. "Do not look at me with that kind of look, my certainly to be sure newborn calf." The sea heart smiles made noise, her guarantee has is such unreliable? "Although on the surface is young, but I may have three th the memories." "Girl, is it possible that you... ... " Unreliable surprisedly stares at her, shakes the head cannot believe said: "Cannot, you obviously have gas of the life... ... " The sea heart natural place nod, "is good, I originally am the ghost, perhaps but the present was not." She studies the unreliable appearance to sit cross-legged sits, deeply deeply attracted ice-cold sea water, the brains has changed incomparably clearly. First had a look the welfare which had any to pass through to be good! The static gas, attempts to feel in the fable with rapt attention "really to be mad", might suppress half weather, on the body a feeling also has not still had. Is she really only an ordinary humanity? Must lead a pious life from the beginning? The sea heart to heart is hottempered, does not have the strength, said any escapes only is presumptuously thinks. Although she adores very much unreliably , but two people lonely defend in the seabed, in the feeling very are also fearful... ... Was thinking like this, suddenly intermittent black gas sends out from her body, is pulled by the sea water the black the silk cotton wool, scatters in all directions. The sea heart can feel the side the water also slightly shakes. She sees the shape in great surprise: This, this are not the ghost is mad! Was she still the soul knows the body? But is unreliable obviously said feels on her body gas of the life! The sea heart steals casts a glance unreliably , saw him also surprised to open the eyes big both eyes, the full surface was dignified. She as soon as clenches teeth, stimulates the formidable willpower, the body to transfer at will, the black mist picture had the consciousness general rapid inflation, to all around stretches out the innumerable cotton wool shape branch proliferation to expunge from a list, after a while, nearby Shitai's sea water all blacks. The unreliable pale facial features and dance in the air the black hair gradually blurs in the sea heart eye, vanishes does not see. Actually can this black fog proliferate to what situation? The sea thought knew the oneself ability the limit, peacefully sits cross-legged motionless, leaves free consciousness to extend along with the black gas. In a piece of jet black chaos, she suddenly "saw" two glimmer. She lets own consciousness to luminously approach, actually when sees clearly that is what time, her shocks, roams immediately from consciousness is separated from. The whole body black gas already vanishes does not see, maps the view is unreliable slightly knits the brows the facial features. The sea heart long puts out a tone. "I wanted to have the feature! Says you possibly not to believe, but I indeed induced a moment ago to looked out Shu Hexi the sum!" Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 07:18 to reply this speech 15 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart The prison cell hypothesis sprouts ~~ Author: group e 2007-10-30 07:29 replies this speech 16 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart The prison cell hypothesis sprouts ~~ Author: purple 2007-10-30 07:29 replies this speech ----------------------------------- Mmm, because really thought any locked class of the spirit link with too to overflow, like this made the more or less also a little fresh idea Even if is also must have the youth cartoon with the person the element! Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 07:42 to reply this speech 17 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Hunter? Is that HH? ... ... Is it possible that can the sea heart establish reads the ability? ... ... The strengthening is - 8 is completely possible The change is - should not too be possible Emits is - the black gas hypothesis 8 knew 484 converge this ability, but emits is for mine impression is 4 characters... ... X school of qigong... ... The operation is - very sprouts this... Did not know has impossible ~ Has presently melts is - theoretically said 8 can be this The special characteristic is - above all is not the speech is this pulls, the ability may freely establish // Author: the names of several cultivated roses flower opens 2007-10-30 09:44 replies this speech 18 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Did not know the dust does have joins other roles the plan... Actually a sea heart definitely was allowed to represent in all member said ~ Author: the names of several cultivated roses flower opens 2007-10-30 09:47 replies this speech 19 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Ha-ha, could not think the flower also is hunter fan ~ ~ ~ I compare favor am and presently melt to the special characteristic am ~ ~ that eliminate the reading hypothesis really am sprout ~ ~ Certainly must join other roles, but cannot too be many... ... Groans, I already thought was good you the position Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 09:52 to reply this speech 20 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Special characteristic + presently melts... ... Very pulls Pi Ka... ... ... ... ||| Eliminates reads the teacher... ... Is it possible that may help the beautiful woman to go beyond the great wall? ~ Has ~ I ~ ~ ~ to set at ~? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! ~~~ Too... ... Too has been moved... ... TAT Author: the names of several cultivated roses flower opens 2007-10-30 13:16 replies this speech 21 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Renewed ~~~~~~ shakes ~ Author: The Xuanwu white tiger clever king 2007-10-30 14:02 replies this speech 22 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart With... ... Does not pull the relations with the storehouse... ... Moreover Shan Pinghai a heart person also is impossible to rescue . Wants own establishes the ability system time only then to detect FJ in this aspect is the how talent ~ truly speaking the immortal sword world ability all too BT, the god evil spirit was a limit also does not have, completely didn't pay attention to "why him to be able this to achieve this" and "his ability has any limit", only a heavy building, the attack assistance passed through cures reactivates all not to fall, simply was multi-purpose! But... ... If the god evil spirit is not multi-purpose, also had as if with the traditional cognition has been contradictory... ... Contradictory... ... Tonight or tomorrow will be supposed to be able to renew Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 15:46 to reply this speech 23 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart FJ is very strong ~ pulls except the RP almost ability on the decision with the H ability hypothesis? ~ In serious anticipation... The partner can crawl every day waits for the drop ~ P s very wants to know which in H the dust dust comparison sprouts? ~ Author: the names of several cultivated roses flower opens 2007-10-30 17:46 replies this speech 24 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart No, wants to use hxh by no means the ability hypothesis, only is thought such quite realistic quite is interesting. The model is possible, but I cannot imitate the ability system. West I most sprout the rope! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 19:34 to reply this speech 25 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Unreliable thinking moment, but said: "Even if has the xi and in the hand, escapes the probability at most only has five tenths. Looks extends for the time being no matter, if it fell into the deep sleep, suddenly where can'tfind the new host?" "These I all know." Sea heart , innocently short period of time. "Is actually most important or - calculated induces to the double sword, I cannot exit the speech, the good tentative plan all is useless." , she saw from the unreliable face has been similar to "knew is the idle talk added" despises the facial expression, actually has not brought to her any is not quick, but actually thought is interesting very. Thereupon the sea heart ha ha has smiled, is extremely happy, " you can rest assured that, the Heaven never seals off all exits, ascends the sky since has given me you, certainly can have the means!" "How did the girl call me - to be unreliable a moment ago" is shocked. "... ... Uncle, "the sea heart has coughed," difficult inadequately to call you is ' the senior '? Rather too was affectedly unconventional. Between us what uses the over-detailed formalities?" She splits open sufficiently to describe is "evil" the smiling face, "tyrannical like uncle you, should be cannot to etiquette that kind of thing." Groans, bumps into her, uncle this given name, was unreliable absolutely is cannot run away. Unreliable stares to look at her moment, suddenly free and easy as soon as smiles, "good, very good, could not think I am unreliable East China Sea which suffers injustice in this unexpectedly also to be able to know so do not arrest person of the section! Consults the girl name!" "The sea heart, does not have the surname." The sea heart smilingly food directs the cheeks to say, "as for younger sister eldest sister or the girl, I all does not matter, is called me the little rascal not to relate!" Wild uninhibited like is unreliable , facing her may the invincible smiling face which illuminates the profound seabed, as if also was speechless. "How lets you exit but actually by no means the difficult matter, actually only is the double sword which you induces in where?" Unreliable avoids her look, shifted the topic. The joke was not a little too is excessive? Unreliable specially has the sense of humor as if by no means person. Sea heart forced smile. "Is unable to be clear about the localization. But, the double sword is distanced really far." Looks extends possibly in the world, xi and... ... Headache. "You said has the means to let me leave?" Unreliable had not replied, ponder half of the day. "I once will hear the god not to have Lord and the strength formidable magic weapon collect to somewhere, perhaps the xi and also... ... " He dangles the view, "certainly, if the god and destroys the xi, then all ." The sea heart more wants more to think he described the picture was seals the god mausoleum, the eye has shone, was just about to replies, suddenly under the foot vibrated, the Shitai four side cow angular stone column ray was suddenly abundant. The sea heart reflectively closes one's eyes time, again opens, two huge tall and strong forms appear oppositely in. "The criminal is unreliable ! You in the East China Sea seabed hundred years, still did not think repent!" Left side copper bell size both eyes, Man Mianxiong storm. "Just now spirit strength undulation but you behavior?" Right side very smooth pregnant, the hand is caressing the short fine beard, looking pensive. Spirit strength undulation? The god linked her a moment ago "the clever gas" also to be able to detect, pretty good! The sea heart is dumfounded, rapidly shot a look at calmly unreliable . Is it possible that does he already expect the god to be able to send the person to come, therefore only then said she can leave? But falls to the god hand in also not necessarily has any good fate! Has turned head, treats front the double ghost to squeeze out the smile: "Where two are sacred?" The left side sweeps her, : "Imprisons to the East China Sea seabed only has an unreliable person! You wait for the mortal, why in this!" Right side puts out a hand as soon as to block, "holds on a minute! Strength of institute this how can it be that mortal and? Unreliable imprisons for hundred years, also not different changes. This matter must have the fishy!" Person of clearly opposite mung bean aperture with the left side, comes up toward the sea mind and body. After the sea heart does intentionally deeply both hands negative, goes forward step. "I am a side disperse the immortal time, leads a pious life unexpectedly by mistake enters this place, if has offends, please more than two forgive." Her vision changes closes one's eyes collects an eyebrow matter not to close the oneself to be unreliable , shows a faint smile. "Two said this person is a criminal? I but actually thought he is lovable very." "Bold!" "Dissolute!" Does not leave accidentally hears to the giant to scold the sound, the sea heart saw unreliable finally lifts shortly to her, reveals helpless the facial expression. Groans, regarding the disposition earnest person, is must play with only then is interesting. "This is the god criminal place! I will be the god and the fish stomach! This matter is big, you although enter this place by mistake, also must report the day courtyard, awaits the ruling!" the god roars, the end is the acoustic shock four directions, makes one hear it trembles with fear. The sea heart pulls out the ear, not willingly said: "The god is overbearing!" Disregards green hair which raises up to the god, she the helpless tunnel: "Such being the case, to the day courtyard proved I have been pure may?" "By rights ought to so, if real excusable or pardonable under the circumstances, day courtyard innate resolution." The fish stomach very pregnant, at a moderate pace was saying. "With comes! I lead you the great power courtyard!" the god as soon as stares. "Two should be follows orders examines unusually?" The sea heart suddenly interposes. "Your this mortal depends the multi- idle talk!" god roar road. This was the expression affirms. "Such being the case... ... I have a my presumptuous request, hoped can bring by this fish stomach the adult I to go the day courtyard." The sea heart smiles was saying. Unreliable has suddenly turned the head, the facial expression complex looks at her. " god adult fierce , monitors this position ' the criminal ' naturally is appropriate only; The fish stomach is wise the adult, must wash clean in the under grievance, perhaps or had to depend on you!" The sea heart strikes with force opposite party Ma Pi. god and fish stomach isologue. "Could not think you look like young, experience but actually . Then like you say." the god put down a speech in a big way, the eye . The sea heart has extended the tone, really thousand puts on ten thousand puts on, the horse fart does not put on, really is the general six highest good. Like is unreliable such touches , how compared to on she traces unwisely along the wool! Ties up along with the fish stomach the golden color an incantation circle to twine around her, the sea heart under worried looked unreliable which the god eyes covetously easely sits cross-legged. If stays behind is god, to unreliable executes the possibility has been small many. the god should disdain to lying, he said the duty only is examined, that this is this. If will be the fish stomach... ... The sea heart closes tightly the lip, in her heart cannot true be tranquil, because she did not believe in any event the god really meets laissez faire unreliable house arrest East China Sea. Takes before the final action in the god, she certainly must try to find the double sword! The eternal truth fish stomach said that, is unreliable is imprisoned crossed hundred years speech, the Milky Way, purple England, the dream all in, she also has the opportunity. Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 20:25 to reply this speech 26 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Sea heart... ... Fell in love with her, worthily was the beautiful human life, did attractively! ~~ beautiful woman's happiness gives you ~~~~~ to refuel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ West west P s rope ~~~~~ I also most sprout rope ~~~~~ then am the young Iraqi ~~~~~ partner element soy life! - -+ Author: the names of several cultivated roses flower opens 2007-10-30 21:30 replies this speech 27 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart TX is a correct path! Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 22:01 to reply this speech 28 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart (Talks too much) ha-ha, actually I was thinking, if lets the sea heart and the unreliable exchange god knowledge, may not spend rescues , arranges Qinghe they to rescue this afterwards ... ... Then... ... Author: The day spirit proclaims Mr. 2007-10-30 22:08 to reply this speech 29 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart Exchange god knowledge? Also did not say the exchange the possibility, after exchanged has changed female ~ ~ isn't good, I could not tolerate a second to lose male spirit the time! Author: Really the evil spirit drops this world 2007-10-30 22:17 to reply this speech 30 Reply: [ Passes through ] the sea heart This... ... Ha-ha, only is lets one's thoughts wander, this world disregarded well... ... How but leaves, but also really needs the marvelous idea, holds the cheek to think ... ... Author: The day spirit proclaims Mr. 2007-10-30 22:33 to reply this speech Altogether has pastes fraction 30 ©2,007 Baidu pastes the agreement

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