Hu Fuming to accountorally: Writes "Practice Is Examines Truth Only Standard" when has prepared to

frequently to have the argument to occur, under provincial party committee's argument very many, inside the province is not greatly easy to be able to hear. How concrete argued we are not very clear. We quite are few in provincial party committee's argument .. Jiangsu Province's media also has had some significant arguments , at that time some cultural circles person wrote the article to say, the Four Fundamental Principles had to break through, at cultural circle interior initiation argument , Beijingalso has the person... [ beautiful woman frequency channel ] 400 female staffs put on the underwear to go to work the initiation argument to report to the authorities the feedback information to be unable to watch share me with the friend to want thereview "400 Female Staffs To put on Underwear Goes to work Initiation Argument " the commentary (altogether strip) (to renovate) make the commentary to fill in beforethe content * commentary plea se in detail to read "Cruel 6 Nets Service term" in the anonymous publication to pass on in the video frequency to pass on the photograph search... in fact, to pan for gold the guest in07 years on November 19, everybody also at argument whether two time sees time the bottom, paid out the special article bold recommendation stock on the abundant guest. In fact, pans for gold guest's at that time recommendation stock, the universal increase scope reaches as high as 30%, but also some several until now the increase scope already surpassed 60%. But from pans for gold the guest to recommend the stock until now the increase scope nearly is zero. New year New Year's Day... argument and the criticism since competesin the sign on not to stop the first prize that day design proposal the dispute. In the construction cost, the environmental protection, the environment relations all once were the dispute focal point. .. Its semblance shape ' is uncoordinated ' with the neighbor Imperial Palace as well as the adjacent Great Hall of thePeople construction style also is the people argued , the criticism focal point, was considered the shed "the tradition" takes "...

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