memory card not careful formatting

the formatted memory Cary's east east burning with impatience could not find way out! It can effective help you to retrieve so long as the time not long may be one day which a good east east absolutely useful collection can usefully arrive certainly, perhaps some data FinalData certainly cannot give you the perfect restoration, could cause your loss to fall to are least on the very good ~ hope has been able to help you... notebook forma tting , the non- wire card could not access the net I to use the wireless route, table model machine was allowed to access the net. The notebook just formatted , the non- wire card has also installed, but could not access the net as before. I use amthe TL-WN610G non- wire card, don't I completely understand, which person of high skill ask to direct 12, thanks! How is this comesquestion quotation reply popular key... is the formatted C plate, behind also may add the parameter, after but the formatting also did not have oh the /s form on any to change into to be allowed to start the computer the system plate (mainly to use for the standard C plate) the /Q fast formatting , only reconstructed thenew root table of contents and the FAT document disposition table (cannot delete folder) /u unconditionally to format , after the formatting all data could lose, and... is said solves the U plate formatting problem I dodge save also am have the similar problem (to be unable formatting to be unable to open, but demonstrates is condition is good), after is I inserts the U plate.. That method is only one kind of choice, may be allowed, not to be allowed again to think other methods, on-line have the very many formatted U plate software, the building host may many carry on the attempt much Poorly accumulates the match to raise... the

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