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The music is the woman, the woman is a music. The music looks forward to, the fantasy, the recollection for the woman. The music suggestion is for the woman the life suggestion. Faint trace , faint trace, how many note like murmur brooks, if the spring wild bird, in lowly lowly relates the woman mood. Loves the music the woman, the soul has been incurred by the spooky piccolo, sentimental. Man sentimental nervousness, is a little strange, the woman is perfectly justified. This kind sentimental is real, she falls down the tear is solid, always can be touching. Likes the woman which listens to the music being able to obtain man's favor, generally speaking is because demonstrated writes up has classical sad America, that piccolo has only incurred woman's soul, also incurred man's soul arrived the woman side, after moreover married the husbands and wives always harmoniously to fall in love, the children health was intelligent. Likes the woman which dresses up most understanding the male will of the people The psychologist said that, "The girl started from two full years old to enter the ceaseless appearance time. Therefore, in the world the most best-selling thing is woman's clothing, woman's cosmetics and cosmetology. Woman's skirt as if throughout is clothing store boss depends on seeks the sudden and huge profits the hot items." Loves the woman which dresses up not merely is for own man, also has the social goal. Between the woman and woman's envy, is several millenniums said the endless topic, the attractive woman also often must use the clothing and the cosmetics shows off oneself, struggles in order to with others colorfully. Certainly, woman's female is beautiful and the intelligence and ability also is, but each man which the man cared about still can for woman's beautiful appearance fall and sigh the clothing. If in this world because of has not dressed up colorfully, is multi-colored, the world which brings has not been too monotonous? The woman likes the spring, the beautiful clothing and personal adornments like in the spring the fresh flower. Spring does not have the fresh flower is not the spring, the woman unattractive clothing and personal adornments is not the woman. In the male population said is only favored daughter person itself, actually some part of loves were hide to the color in have gone, loves the woman which dressed up most understands the man psychology. Likes the woman which window-shops with beautifully walking In the world the unusual love window-shops the man, actually does not have the woman which does not like window-shopping. We frequently may see such scene in the movie or the novel: On the husband shoulder hangs, is carrying on the back carries, in front of the chest is holding the large package packet thing, the facial expression is being depressed, inevitably follows behind the wife. But wife, then natural shuttles back and forth in the crowd, the judgement also as necessary is glancing over in the display window high-quality goods. How can the woman have that many time and the money drops in from house to house takes a stroll the market? In fact she not necessarily is also rich, does not buy, has a look always to be allowed. How doesn't take a stroll knew what the present is popular? How doesn't window-shop compares where the thing good and is cheap? Window-shops another big pleasure, is can discover "is surprised". Regardless of is puts crease in it the auction to bargain back and forth, the general meeting has the harvest. The woman to clothes color, the quality of material, the style, all must nitpick, even if in her heart extremely satisfies, on oral also must say "not" the character, in order to kills the price. No wonder 10 men alone buy back the thing, ten men all want to receive woman's criticism, is not price Gao Pian is not good. Although the man very bothersomely window-shops with the woman, then is precisely because she window-shops causes her to be able to manage a household, therefore all the husbands and wives are generally speaking harmonious, cannot have the disagreement or divorce. Loves art the woman is source of the wisdom Loves art the woman, makes one feel romantic. This kind romantic is not is a prostitute to flirt, but is the artistic inspiration. The woman study calligraphy, is not for must become the calligrapher like the man; Picture scenery flower-and-bird, is not for be the female painter; Collects several calligraphies and paintings, is not for be the connoisseur. The woman does not like the man such utility, they love art are feel America of the artistic, in art the unique divine and wonderful spirit. Loves art the woman presents the classical flavor, this is very beautiful has the appeal very much. The beautiful female is common, however the multitudinous men all as if by prior agreement admire a female, often has settled on the makings which this female did not conform to conventional pattern. Art is possibly this makings inspiration fountainhead. Loves art the woman loves artistic the goal is the self-entertainment, but does not like the man which loves art all a little to pose as a cultured person. Displays in the life work love, also compares the dead weight self-respect, is not easy to lose belongs to own principle, not easily is deceived in the love world by the vulgar man, the marriage is content. Loves the movement the woman has the rational beauty Loves the movement the woman did not think the cosmetology cosmetics may detain the youth, also is they did not think the money is multi-purpose. The movement compared to it to the cosmetology, is not for a while flaw concealing, actually is the natural beauty and artistic beauty's long term union. Therefore loves the movement the woman compared to the woman which loves the cosmetics, understands the physique and America. Penetrates the body building and healthily holds, the appearance not beautiful is concealed by the exquisite muscle line. Appearance originally good, the abdomen fat is under the control, in front of young muscle, thigh symmetrical developed, the calf solid is slender. Not difficult to imagine, such woman how make person heart movement. Therefore healthily remains lives beautifully under, will like the healthy woman in persevering urges with the movement spirit, changes beautiful and is self-confident, will become the beautiful angel, happy pet. She may have no qualms said that, "The sun is every day new." Is precisely this kind of symmetrical build causes her to win happiness, found pleasant my dear. This kind she is full of the energy from the messenger, work pleasant, is easy to obtain the boss and colleague's affection. Loves the flower the woman loves oneself The beautiful woman always with the flower continually in same place, the flower is the beautiful woman, the beautiful woman is the flower. Loves the flower is woman's instinct, does not love the flower the woman is not the woman which has the woman taste. Many about beautiful woman's beautiful sad story, the sweet-scented osmanthus, the narcissus, the wild rose, the clove, the begonia, they beautiful behind is all related with the woman. Therefore, said to the woman, loves the flower is loves oneself. The woman in the wooded mountain between, frequently all over the mountains and plains runs all over the place, this picks, that picks two bunches, cannot be called the name not to relate, own heard, but also certainly must ask the others "are fragrant"? Goes home when raises with the clear water in the vase, often takes to the streets the flower which buys to be even more take pity on than. Flower's meaning many and varied, loves the flower the woman mentions someone in front of the man to spend her to like time, was was suggesting. For example she said most likes the dark red rose, that is said she loves very much deeply, he should move. In loves in the flowered woman's eye, life always beautiful. But the flower also has on the wane time, therefore sometimes is moved, is not for work, certainly is for the oneself like flower soon on the wane youth. This kind beautiful is moved quite has the result, many men certainly are partial to like flower's woman. Thought that, which man doesn't hope into the protector? I said two Recommends for friend of mine : : : Thread: : : Warning : Main (model/lov/ [ function.main ]: Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/httpd/html/article/32688.php on line 150 Warning : Main (model/lov/ [ function.main ]: Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/httpd/html/article/32688.php on line 150 Warning : Main () [ function.include ]: Failed opening 'model/lov/' for inclusion (include_path='.:. /inc:/home/httpd/html/inc:/home/httpd/html/common_inc:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/httpd/html/article/32688.php on line 150 [ Home page ] [ fortifies yang increases ] [ adult thing ] [ contraception to measure is pregnant ] [ underwear ] [ healthy product ] [ personally to nurse ] [ Health ] [ love ] [ psychology ] [ birth ] [ fashion ] [ dresses up chart ] the customer club entire audience disposable shopping full 100 Yuan to deliver 5 Yuan seven colors coins to correct error has the prize! 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MORE8 technical center Czechoslovakia ZJ457D double needle winding seam sewing machine service... in BRAND: The computer package also must have individuality China East silk market positive ion Shu Meichou the selling well [ video frequency ] Japan: Can guarantee the wet handbag to be possible to prevent hand... sun red... Changzhou real estate gateway website. Including , rents a room, the information, the real estate news, the real estate law laws and regulations and so on. The Tibetan Buddhism art other religion fine arts moneys and the postage stamp dictionary reference book lacquerware class palace culture and the historical culture jewelry and the accesories purple sand tea pot tea and the tea culture... connoisseur 8 issues 16. Shanghai 17. Henan cultural relic + area south of Yellow River cultural relic 18. Forbidden City 19. Palace M useum courtyard publication and so on 40 kind of periodicals, because the type many... like Northern Song Dynasty connoisseur Guo Rexu the volume six "NearMatter" center to write in "Drawing What one sees and hears Will": "The past Wu line draws Zhong Kui, the clothes blue unlined upper garment, changes the sincere foot, item, waist tablet held by officials during imperial audience.. Huan Di and the spirit imperial capital are not suitablly works as emperor... ... The spirit emperor's hobby is the literary arts and building art . He or quite has the research regarding the construction. He does the research all day long, finally...

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