2008, thenew contest - network swims the new turn of picture nature revolution,we fall behind

fine, are attractive, shock the eyeball... ... After these glossaries repeatedly appear, esthetic is weary besides the adjective time, plays in the big name lis subsistent t is not also lets the person have this kind of kind of feeling - picture nature revolution to arrive once again, the domestically produced net swims whether fell behind ? Swam the issue tendency after the past several year 3D net to look that, after drew the nature always is the 3D game promoted plays family most... three, the elimination falls behind the steel and iron produced can the policy and the influence. 1st, diagnosable the elimination falls behind the steel and iron produces can the action. On April 27, 2007, State Council organizes the iron and steel industry which convenes to close down with the elimination backwardness produces can in the workshop, the country sent changes the committee with Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning and so on ten provinces (area, city) the people's government signs the first batch to close down with the elimination backward steel and iron... we to fall behind ! ! 2008-01-04 22:42:26 ZB034994 just saw in the home page star of and the active teams and groups the student all do not have our share! Everybody hurries diligently, achieves the s rectangular mall space! Refuels! ! Below the recommendation | commentary (3) | quotation | reading (22) the article comments the message only to represent its individual viewpoint, specially doesnot roast the force feed duck on behalf of home station... Confucianist to advocate the individual, the respect individual, the Confucianist hoped each people all have own independence the personality, own independent ponder. (this spot, also is comes the time in the industry culture, we fall behind .. The culture is our tool, backwardness eliminates it. --- Roasts the original intention which stuffs a duck is not the food, butis the bed which helps you to put out lets you put on weight, causes your health to get up, as soon as strikes flushes day...

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