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history department and the Japanese colt Ze university signs the exchange cooperation agreement Beijing University history department fourth session of graduate student academic forum to round off the Beijing University Sun Zi Bingfa research center to be founded.. Chinese history curriculum network bright history of the Qing Dynasty research information information network northeastnormal university history culture institute middle school history teaching field Han mountain normal school history amateur father culture... average person, is similar toyour me to be equally ordinary, his not clear history , not the familiar three countries, smatter to the industry technology, the university studies is a Chinese medicine, actually studies non- uses, moneywort already forgets.. A each one hero on appeared in this tumultuous times, they performed a curtain to be soul-stirring, the unconstrained fluctuationlegendary story, will leave behind praise eternity grand chapter Li... history archaeology scientist to advance the astonishing theory: The small small insect exterminated the dinosaur? On January 07 the man in the earthenware jar discovered "2000 mountainside ago the bat did the corpse" (chart) on January 03 to pass on for hundred years ago the cart to swim world England " the knight-errant" to doubt for the swindler on January 03 500 is robbed the Chinese cultural relic to display in Canada directs the dispute (chart) on January 03 the Sichuan Tristar to pile it... 1912 year on January 7 the South African African national assembly to establish on 1919 January 7Argentina "a rank smell of blood week" to start,6 Thousand people got killed on January 7, 1931 the Chinese Communist Party six sessions of four CCP plenary conferences to convene on January 7, 1932the Maginot line on January 7, 1933 the Chinese Communist Party temporary central to move by Shanghai to Ruijin on January 7, 1946 "three person of military groups" establishment...

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